On June 22, a Leaders Meeting with Kyoshu-sama was held in the Chubu Region, under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-sama, and Masaaki-sama. Approximately 160 people participated, including church heads and staff ministers who shoulder the foundation of missionary work in the Chubu Region, along with center heads and members.
First, the Amatsu Norito was voiced out with Kyoshu-sama leading the prayer.
After receiving Johrei from Kyoshu-sama, Rev. Kato, Regional Director, expressed his gratitude to Kyoshu-sama for his presence.

Next, President Shirasawa stood to give a greeting and explained the current condition surrounding Sekai Kyusei Kyo and also pointed out how the Kyoshu system is in a critical situation.
He said that by fully accepting Kyoshu-sama’s thoughts, we can truly serve God, who is the center of everything. He ended his bold greeting saying, “We need Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama.”

After Kyoshu-sama’s Opening Words, three members, including a church head and a center head, shared their faith experiences.

Then members received guidance from Kyoshu-sama.
He first spoke in detail about the sequence of events that led to last year’s Beginning of Spring Service on February 4 and his feelings at the time.
He then talked about how within our central part, God is alive and he would like to move forward serving God with the frame of mind that Meishu-sama is our example, regardless of what happens from here on.

In the following question and answer session, Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama personally answered an array of questions, every now and then mixing in a joke, inviting laughter—the venue was enveloped by a harmonious atmosphere from beginning to end.

After the members’ words of gratitude and declaration of determination, all the participants sang together “Goin’ Home,” with lyrics written by Kyoshu-sama.

At the end, Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-sama, Masaaki-sama and President Shirasawa personally exchanged handshakes with all the participants and then left the venue.

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