June 25, 2018

(Translated June 29, 2018)


From Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan Izunome Group

President Michio Shirasawa

Vice President Yutaka Kawatani



To the Membership



Izunome Kyodan executives under Mr. Kobayashi and Toho no Hikari • MOA nullify leadership of Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama and expel him from the Sacred Grounds


Illegitimately proclaiming to be Sekai Kyusei Kyo (hereafter “SKK”) umbrella corporation’s President • Representative Executive Director, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nagasawa (Toho no Hikari • MOA) sent a notice to Kyoshu-sama dated June 22, stating to the effect that the Board of Executive Directors passed a resolution and “nullified the leadership of spiritual leader, Kyoshu-sama.”

And on the same day, a notice was also sent to Masaaki-sama and his wife, Mami-sama, stating that they no longer qualify to be part of the Official Spiritual Lineage. It will be soon that they do something similar to Mayumi-sama, Kyoshu-sama’s wife (this actually occurred on June 26, along with Kyoshu-sama, himself).

On June 24, under the name of SKK, a document was distributed addressed to the entire membership entitled, “Notice to all the members – Resolution to have Yoichi Okada step down from the position of Kyoshu.”

Still more, with the nullification of leadership of Kyoshu-sama by those who call themselves the Board of Executive Directors of the SKK umbrella corporation, Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama were ordered to leave Shitsumu-to (Office of Spiritual Leader) located within the Atami Zuiun-kyo Sacred Grounds by June 24. Kyoshu-sama, Masaaki-sama and more or less all the Okada family have been banished from the Sacred Grounds and from the church – they have resorted to this kind of outrage.

People who do not recognize Kyoshu-sama as Kyoshu and remove him from his own office, Shitsumu-to – exactly with what authority do they resort to this kind of outrage?


  1. An arbitrary resolution passed by those who have not obtained authorization for their appointments from Kyoshu-sama

Because Mr. Yoshiyuki Nagasawa has not obtained authorization for his appointment from Kyoshu-sama in the first place, he does not legally have the title of President • Representative Executive Director (of SKK umbrella corporation). Similarly, those who call themselves the SKK umbrella corporation Board of Executive Directors – Mr. Shigehiro Yokoyama (Toho no Hikari • MOA), Mr. Hayashi Nakai and Mr. Koichi Sakakibara – have not obtained authorization from Kyoshu-sama for their appointments either.

In other words, a person without the title of President and people without the title of Executive Director who arbitrarily convened and formed a Board of Executive Directors meeting, are claiming to have nullified the leadership of Kyoshu-sama. In the near future, we will observe closely to see whether or not they will obtain authorization for their SKK appointments from an unjustly designated person who calls him/herself Kyoshu. If that indeed does take place, it would be the most decisive evidence indicating that up until now, they did not and still do not have such titles as President and Executive Director and there were issues in their proceedings.

In regard to their various and repeated abnormal actions up until now, it is of no use to talk to them about the teachings, our legal point of view, common sense or using restraint. However, suppose, even if they were to assume their positions based on the bylaws and church rules with the proper proceedings, according to the existing Spiritual Lineage Regulations, they cannot nullify the leadership of Kyoshu-sama with only a resolution passed by the Board of Executive Directors (of SKK umbrella corporation).

Regardless of that, in a document dated on June 24 entitled, “Notice to all the members – Resolution to have Yoichi Okada step down from the position of Kyoshu,” they declared, “we passed this resolution to legally ‘nullify’ the ‘leadership of Kyoshu’ by unanimous vote” and gave their own legal justification for doing so.

What an outrage this is! That this kind of resolution has absolutely no validity will be made clear in court in due course.


To add, in the same document they state, “For the restoration of order in the church, we intend to approach it with our utmost sincerity.” However, beginning first with Toho no Hikari • MOA’s following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing of Kyoshu-sama, then the power harassment and violation of human rights by executives under Mr. Kobayashi against employees who support Kyoshu-sama, using coercion to sign written oaths, using methods to force resignation, spreading information filled with bias and defamation against Kyoshu-sama, etc., they are disrupting the church from its very foundation – according to them, this is their “utmost sincerity.”

Izunome Group’s members, rather, Meishu-sama’s members, would well understand that Meishu-sama would by no means say these kinds of actions are “sincere.” It is as if they themselves are fueling the fire while saying, “We’re doing our best to put out the fire.” How filled with ill intention these people are! Please pay attention to their behavior after this.


  1. 2. Toho no Hikari • MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi are showing considerable disrespect toward the teachings

Presently, they are spreading information, citing parts from the teachings with the purpose of negating Kyoshu-sama’s guidance, by sending various documents to staff and members of Toho no Hikari • MOA and Izunome Kyodan. And resulting from their studies of the teachings, they conclude that they “have not come across any words that seem to place particularly great importance on Christianity” in the teachings of Meishu-sama.

Perhaps they haven’t read the teachings, “World Church of Messiah and Christianity act in concert with each other” or “World Church of Messiah will become quite close to Christianity,” etc. Also, perhaps they have never seen the various poems Meishu-sama left for us regarding Christ and Messiah[1]. Should they want to talk about the teachings, first, shouldn’t they study the teachings thoroughly? As members of Meishu-sama, it is truly regrettable to see Toho no Hikari • MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi disrespecting the teachings.

Either way, the activities of MOA are fundamentally moving in a different direction from the teachings. That in itself is evidence of their disrespect for the teachings and disrespect for Meishu-sama. It is glaringly obvious that these types of people have no right to judge Kyoshu-sama’s guidance and have absolutely no qualifications to talk about the teachings.

According to the church rules of SKK, Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama is in the “position to succeed the divine work of Meishu-sama.” Who can say with certainty that “Kyoshu-sama’s guidance go against the teachings” or “Kyoshu-sama’s messages are a different thought”? Do the “Board of Executive Directors of SKK” have the position or authority to say so? They simply do not.


  1. Unjustly designating a puppet Kyoshu who has no blood relation to Meishu-sama

It is clear that in the near future, another person will be designated as Kyoshu and take Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama’s place. If a puppet Kyoshu is established, it is because they assume that various matters which normally require the authorization, approval, etc. of Kyoshu-sama (such as revisions to the bylaws and church rules, appointments of the president and executive directors of the umbrella corporation, appointment of Mr. Kobayashi as president of Izunome Kyodan, ministerial certification for Kyoshi, etc.), would be executed as they please with the authorization and approval of the puppet Kyoshu.

However, as we mentioned before, should they obtain authorization from the puppet Kyoshu for such appointments as president (of SKK umbrella corporation) and president of Izunome Kyodan, it means they would be acknowledging that their titles until now of “President” and “President of Izunome Kyodan” have been in name only and unwarranted. So we want to watch closely what their next moves will be.

Whatever the case may be, from here on, they will likely apply for authorization to revise SKK’s bylaws at the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture. However, over 40,000 signatures were collected petitioning against revisions to the bylaws and sent to the Ministry. It is believed that even the Ministry must be prudent when dealing with these authorizations.

In order for Toho no Hikari • MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi to establish a puppet Kyoshu, first it is necessary for them to change the Spiritual Lineage Regulations. They are one-sidedly holding the Spiritual Lineage Members Council on June 26. However, at the Council, they are likely to pass a resolution to change the Spiritual Lineage Regulations so that someone who is not blood related to Meishu-sama could also become Kyoshu, then passing a resolution to enthrone a puppet Kyoshu.

To add, according to the Spiritual Lineage Regulations, the Spiritual Lineage Members Council must be convened by the President (of SKK umbrella corporation). However, self-proclaimed President Mr. Nagasawa, who does not even have the authorization of Kyoshu-sama for his appointment, cannot hold a Spiritual Lineage Members Council in the first place.

One matter that is very clear based on the Spiritual Lineage Regulations is that the only ones who can become Kyoshu-sama’s successor must be blood-related to Meishu-sama. And, currently within the church, the only person who qualifies is part of Meishu-sama’s direct lineage, his great-grandson, Kyoshu-sama’ son, Masaaki Okada. There is no one who can become the next Kyoshu-sama except Masaaki-sama.

As such, as matters have become more evident, the path that we must proceed on has become ever more clear.

We will absolutely receive Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, who are part of Meishu-sama’s lineage and more importantly, who guide us to an entirely new faith that Meishu-sama is teaching us, the faith of “being born anew as a Messiah.” Let us walk together with them wherever they may go and serve in this new phase of divine work.

And together with all humanity and all things, let us become one with the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama and respond to the call of God, the parent of our lives. Through this, let us be used in the sacred work of the true salvation of humanity and construction of Paradise on Earth.

[1] Meishu-sama’s teachings and poems written on Christ and Messiah have not been published in English.

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