Chubu Region

The Toyota Church Membership Meeting took place on June 24, under the presence of Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-sama and Masaaki-sama, with approximately 300 participants.

First, everyone prayed the Amatsu Norito with Kyoshu-sama leading the prayer.
After receiving Johrei from Kyoshu-sama, Rev. Kato, Regional Director, expressed gratitude for being able to receive his presence.

Continuing on, President Shirasawa stood to give a greeting and reported on the current situation surrounding Sekai Kyusei Kyo as well as how the Kyoshu system is on the verge of collapse.

He also said that our foundation is in our attitude of walking on the path that Kyoshu-sama shows us and of serving God. He boldly said, “We believe in Kyoshu-sama,” and “We need Kyoshu-sama.”

After Kyoshu-sama’s opening words, one member gave a report on the current situation of the Toyota Church and another member shared her faith experience.

Next, members received guidance from Kyoshu-sama.
He first said, with much joy, “To be able to meet all of you like this, I believe it is a present from God and Meishu-sama.”
And he said that from that day on, too, he reaffirmed his feeling to truly seek Meishu-sama’s will, practice it, and go forward with everyone for a long time.

In the following question and answer session, Kyoshu-sama listened to and answered one by one, questions about how to understand difficulties at work or how to understand Kyoshu-sama’s messages, the way to help and look after people, the church purification, etc.

After Kyoshu-sama’s closing words, a member representative of the district reported his determination.

The Church Head gave a report of gratitude, then all the participants sang together “Goin’ Home,” with lyrics set by Kyoshu-sama.

At the end, Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-sama, Masaaki-sama and President Shirasawa shared handshakes with the participating members and took a commemorative group photograph with everyone. The meeting ended with deep emotion and joy.

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