Sekai Kyusei Kyo has now reached a time of great change. As such, the members, who support the church through membership fees and donations, have the right to know what is occurring. And so, we of Izunome Group would like to share as much information as possible with all of you.
However, it is unfortunate that for the purpose of averting the truth from members’ eyes, we hear things like, “We do not talk about the church purification,” “Everything is done by God, so it’s better to stay quiet,” “In any case, just continue to channel Johrei.”
It is true that for our church, there is nothing more important than Johrei. It is not too much to say that without Johrei, Sekai Kyusei Kyo would not exist.
However, there is something that we must bear in mind. That is, how are we able to channel Johrei?
It is because we have received the Ohikari (Sacred Focal Point). If members do not have the Ohikari, they cannot channel Johrei. It is seemingly simple, but it is a grave truth.
And it is not until the Ohikari, for all members of Sekai Kyusei Kyo across the world, are consecrated by Kyoshu-sama that it becomes Ohikari. An Ohikari not consecrated by Kyoshu-sama is simply a piece of metal. Your Ohikari, the Ohikari of members who gather at your center, the Ohikari of members who gather at the Sacred Grounds, all Ohikari without exception were consecrated by Kyoshu-sama.
After Meishu-sama founded the church in 1935 as the first Kyoshu-sama, all the people who became members of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, whether in Japan, Africa or Brazil, received Ohikari consecrated by Kyoshu-sama, then channeled Johrei, did Gohoshi (volunteer service for God) and still do so now.
In Nidai-sama’s time, Sandai-sama’s and the current Kyoshu-sama Yoichi Okada’s time, it is exactly the same. All the people who became members of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, without exception, received Ohikari consecrated by Kyoshu-sama and then could channel Johrei. That number has probably reached millions of Ohikari. No matter what the era, all those Ohikari were consecrated by Kyoshu-sama.
In other words, needless to say, for Sekai Kyusei Kyo, the role of Kyoshu-sama is incredibly important. We simply say in words, “In any case, let’s channel Johrei.” However, if the same person denies Kyoshu-sama, they are denying the very Ohikari they are wearing. As a result, they are also denying the channeling of Johrei.
In Japan, those of the illegitimate Sekai Kyusei Kyo Board of Executive Directors of the umbrella corporation are one-sidedly claiming to have taken away the leadership of Kyoshu-sama. However, in regard to the next Kyoshu or Godai-Kyoshu (Fifth Spiritual Leader), they have not announced anything. If they do elect a Kyoshu from within the executives, that means from here on, an executive would be consecrating the Ohikari. For members around the world, this is a tremendously important matter.
If there are countries that approve of and follow Japan’s illegitimate Board of Executive Directors, that means from here on in those countries, those members would be wearing the Ohikari consecrated by the executive who has taken on the name of Kyoshu.
Should it come to that, this would be denying Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s history up until now. It is denying the Ohikari and it is denying Johrei. It would be denying the miracles by Johrei and denying Meishu-sama’s divine work. In a word, it would be the end of Sekai Kyusei Kyo.
Concerning this, we believe that all members have the right to ask the headquarters of their respective countries for clear answers and a clear stance. Otherwise, how can we channel Johrei with peace of mind? How can we guide others with peace of mind and have new members wear new Ohikari?
For Goshintai (divine scroll), it is the same. The divine scrolls around the world were also, without exception, consecrated by Kyoshu-sama.
Hereafter too, we of Su no Hikari Kyodan Izunome Group would like to continue to receive Ohikari and channel Johrei. That is why we place great importance on the Holy Seat of Kyoshu, through and through.
If those who are disregarding Kyoshu-sama are saying, “In any case, it’s important to channel Johrei,” and “It’s good just to stay silent and channel Johrei,” they are simply taking advantage of Johrei. It is because they believe no one can deny that “Johrei is important.” Taking advantage of Johrei, a great treasure that Meishu-sama taught us, is an outrageously disrespectful action toward God and Meishu-sama.
Johrei that disregards Kyoshu-sama is not Johrei. Johrei that looks down on Ohikari that were consecrated by Kyoshu-sama is not Johrei.
Hereafter, we believe it is necessary to closely watch those who assert that they have passed a resolution to nullify the leadership of Kyoshu-sama and those who accept this assertion. It is necessary to see whether or not they continue to channel Johrei wearing the Ohikari consecrated by Kyoshu-sama.
If they are denying Kyoshu-sama, they are denying the light and the spirit inside the Ohikari. How do those who deny Kyoshu-sama plan to continue channeling Johrei from now on? Or are they intending to dispose of the Ohikari consecrated by Kyoshu-sama and replace them with Ohikari consecrated by the “Executives” or staff ministers?
From here on, too, we of Izunome Group will be receiving Ohikari consecrated by Kyoshu-sama.
Currently, because Izunome Kyodan of Japan, the Brazil Headquarters, and many countries of the world still have Ohikari left that were consecrated by Kyoshu-sama, there will likely be no problems for the time being. However, once their inventory is out, what will they do? Will the executives attempt to consecrate Ohikari themselves? We repeat, this is denying Meishu-sama, denying the successive Kyoshu-sama, denying the current Kyoshu-sama, denying Johrei, denying Meishu-sama’s divine work, and the end of Sekai Kyusei Kyo.
The next time you channel Johrei, we would like you to think of the above carefully.
July 23, 2018
Izunome Group

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