Guten morgen!

Masaaki-sama had a meeting with staff and members from Germany, United States, France, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Peru, Portugal, Netherlands, and Switzerland at the Thomé residence in the morning. In the afternoon, he gave a greeting to the Japanese youth group at the Frankfurt Church, then blessed the pamphlets, “Who We Are: We were born on earth to become to become God’s children,” to be distributed by the members in the city streets.

Afterwards, he proceeded toward the refugee camp within the city of Frankfurt.

At the camp supported by the German government who is actively assisting refugees, refugees from the Middle East and African regions who fled from wartime destruction are living at the camp. Masaaki-sama viewed the facility, its temporary housing, home gardening, etc.

The refugee children also enjoyed activities like brush painting, origami, and mini flower arrangements prepared by the members.

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