Good evening, everyone. On Saturday morning, Masaaki-sama had a meeting at the Frankfurt Johrei Center with the Japanese youth group. At the meeting, he conveyed that through Meishu-sama, God said, “come!” and taught us that within each one of us, a world of light really exists. By returning to that world of complete and total peace, happiness, and joy, heaven prospers and that prosperity then projects onto this earth.

Masaaki-sama also said that in heaven, God together with Meishu-sama are waiting for us and now, He is asking each and every one of us, “Won’t you come back to my home? Back to heaven?” “Won’t you become my child?” And, “I think we should believe that the things we do such as surrendering and Johrei, while it is a small act, it is with certainty that a world of light, a world of happiness, is being made step by step.” At the end, he called out to everyone, “Whether you fail or whether you succeed, whether you are happy or sad, together with God and with our fellow believers, let’s all create this world of light, full of life and with fun!” In the afternoon, Masaaki-sama had a meeting with members from the United Kingdom and later in the evening, he and the groups from each country gathered together at the Frankfurt Church’s farm. He planted a Japanese maple tree and also was present for the BBQ with about 100 members attending, enjoying things like live music and dancing.

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