~September 2, 2018: Monthly Appreciation Service combined with Youth Conference~

Guten morgen! Frankfurt Johrei Center’s Monthly Appreciation Service in combination with the Youth Conference took place in Frankfurt at the Saalbau Bornheim, where about 100 members gathered from 14 countries (Brazil, Peru, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Malta, United States, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Japan).

With Masaaki-sama leading, everyone first prayed the Amatsu Norito. After he channeled Johrei, everyone heard the teaching entitled, “Acts in concert with Christianity and spreads the gospel widely in the East.” He then presented the Ohikari to two new members from Germany and soon after, he presented Rev. Thomé with a certificate of ministerial certification, certified by Kyoshu-sama. After Mrs. Zi Soon Hong shared her faith experience, Rev. Thomé gave a greeting. As tears came to his eyes, he expressed his gratitude for Masaaki-sama’s presence, who came as a representative of Meishu-sama. He said, by all means, he would like to be able to receive Kyoshu-sama next year in Europe and that from here on too, with Kyoshu-sama’s guidance being central, he would like to spread the work of salvation throughout Europe while working with Izunome Group.

Masaaki-sama then took the podium. First, he expressed words of gratitude to Rev. Thomé, his wife Zi Soon, the members in Germany, the members in Europe, and also the youth members from Japan that gathered that day and the members of Izunome Group in Japan. He said, “Today would not have been possible without all of you, who stood up to protect Kyoshu-sama and the true faith of Meishu-sama. There are no words to express my gratitude to all of you.”

Masaaki-sama said,

“Meishu-sama left us many teachings, many activities. He left us Johrei, Nature Farming/Natural Food, and Art. But the conclusion of his life was to be born anew as a Messiah.

“What Kyoshu-sama has been teaching us for the last more than ten years, also comes down to one point. That is, following Meishu-sama, would you also like to be born anew as a child of God, as a Messiah?

“So, I believe God is asking us right at this moment, do you want to be my child or not? He is asking that very question within us. And I think that the answer, whether you want to answer or not is up to each one of us. But I believe the people who are gathered here today want to say “yes” to that very question. I think God and Meishu-sama will be very happy and if we say so, I’m quite sure in heaven, God and Meishu-sama, just like this [gesturing to Meishu-sama’s picture], would be welcoming us with a huge smile on his face.

“We often say that we are followers of Meishu-sama, but I think up until now, we have been picking and choosing which part we want to follow. But Meishu-sama is telling us, if you want to follow me, follow 100% of me.

“2000 years ago, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life, atoned for our sins, and atoned for humanity. But he was resurrected and fulfilled the will of God—to become the child of God, the Christ, the Messiah.

“Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ—the two of them together—are one. World Church of Messiah and Christianity—the two of them together—are one. That is because the will of God is one. The will of God is to have all of humanity be born anew as His children, Messiahs. This is God’s only wish.

“But this message wasn’t completed in Christianity. That is why God needed to send Meishu-sama to this world. In that sense, our mission, our task, is huge. It is a great one. We have a mission to fulfill that wasn’t completed in Christianity. It is only up to us, our church, it is our religion, that brings this salvation to the whole world.

“So I think this message that we could all become children of God, to become Messiahs, is the message that the whole world is waiting for. Maybe some people would deny or negate it, but I believe there are people who are waiting for this message.

“I am very happy that I am together with all of you. I want to work with you from now on and to achieve what Meishu-sama wanted to achieve.” Masaaki-sama said these words in English with passion, then brought his message to an end in Portuguese by calling to everyone, “Vamos!” (Let’s do this together!)

After that, representatives from each European country presented Masaaki-sama with gifts, symbols of their appreciation. Finally, he took a photo with all the attendees at the service and had time to interact with everyone. In the animated atmosphere, the Monthly Appreciation Service combined with Youth Conference came to an end.

It was a wonderful service and conference where all the participants were moved, inspired and felt gratitude.


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