Congratulations, everyone, on the Prayer for World Peace and Grand Ancestor Service.

At present, I am grateful that we were permitted to solemnly hold the service with Kyoshu-sama as officiant and I offered my gratitude to God and Meishu-sama.

It is because Kyoshu-sama has been officiating over the Enshrinement Services here in front of the Su no Hikari Headquarters Ancestral Shrine for the many souls that you applied for enshrinement that we were able to have today’s Grand Ancestor Service without incident. For this, I am filled with gratitude.

And for today’s service, we have received the presence of Kyoshu-sama’s wife, Mayumi-sama and also Masaaki-sama. Mayumi-sama, Masaaki-sama, if you may, please rise. Let’s greet them with a big round of applause! Thank you.

Now then, at the beginning of last month, unprecedented heavy rains, especially in the western Japan regions, gave rise to many casualties and extensive damage over a large area. I am praying that the souls who lost their lives may rest in peace and that those suffering from the disaster may turn toward recovery and overcome this crisis.

As for Izunome Group, staff and members were quick to begin support activities and are currently continuing to work hard on those efforts.

For more about the present condition, you can find details on Izunome Group’s official Facebook page.

Also, we have received relief donations from members all over the country. Once again, we express our deep appreciation to you. We will make the best use of it for those stricken by the disaster. Hereafter, we ask for your continued support.

On Kyoshu-sama’s part, he has visited each region for Membership Meetings held by members who are taking the lead—first the Kansai Region, then Western Japan, Headquarters, Chubu, and Eastern Japan Regions. For us members of Izunome Group to come in close contact with Kyoshu-sama and receive important guidance from him in order to move forward in this new phase, we felt sheer bliss and received great strength and courage. I believe that this deep impression is firmly etched into each and every one of our hearts.

The church is changing in a big way. It is different from what it was up until now. This entirely new phase of divine work has become a great surge and is coming alive with Kyoshu-sama as a central part. With Meishu-sama as our example, who truly received God’s will, let each and every one of us, too, firmly receive God’s will and in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, serve in this entirely new divine work hereafter, too.

In today’s Grand Ancestor Service, Kyoshu-sama offered important words to God through the Opening Prayer. In it, I have come to believe that he expressed what should be the most important basic posture of not just us Sekai Kyusei Kyo members, but of humankind, in accordance with the profound will of God. And so here and now, I would like to once again think deeply on this Opening Prayer, and thoroughly take it in.

I will now read the Opening Prayer for the Grand Ancestor Service.

[English translation is currently being prepared]

Let Kyoshu-sama’s spirit embedded in today’s Opening Prayer be our spirit. And after this, let us thoroughly take in the guidance we receive from Kyoshu-sama with all our heart and soul. As one spirit with Kyoshu-sama, let us go forward cheerfully and boldly in this entirely new phase of divine work. In conclusion, I would like to tell you some bright, encouraging news.

I believe some of you may already know, but Masaaki-sama has accepted an invitation from the ministers in Europe and will attend the Youth Conference held at the church in Frankfurt, Germany next month on September 2.

Being the first step toward worldwide missionary work in this new phase of divine work, it is a visit from Masaaki-sama of great significance. I understand that close to 40 youths from Japan will be participating in the Youth Group Trip to Germany.

In Meishu-sama’s teachings, he says, “Germany represents earth.” (from Complete Works of Mokichi Okada, Oral Teachings, vol. 10, p. 4). “Earth” or “soil” represents the number seven and also has the meaning “accomplish.” Earth is the origin from which various matter is created so Masaaki-sama’s visit is indeed “accomplishing” an entirely new kind of worldwide missionary work. I feel this is an indication of something new about to be born.

I pray that Masaaki-sama’s visit to Germany may bear great fruits. Masaaki-sama, if you may, please stand. We wish you a safe journey!

Thank you.

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