A meeting with Kyoshu-sama for the staff and center heads of the Hokuriku-Kansai Region took place on August 18 at the Breezé Plaza in Osaka, also with the presence of Kyoshu-sama’s wife Mayumi-sama and Masaaki-sama.

Kyoshu-sama provided guidance to the questions that were asked by staff ministers and center heads.



At present, Izunome Kyodan has been closing down churches as well as Johrei centers so we are looking for new properties to rent to continue church activities. From now on, what attitude would be in tune with God’s will in regard to a church or Johrei center?

Excerpt from Kyoshu-sama’s reply:

We have what we call churches, Johrei centers, or on a bigger scale Kyusei Kaikan (Hall of Worship at the Sacred Grounds). The truth is, these are us. Churches and Johrei centers are representations of ourselves.

In short, we can welcome anyone. It is a kind of place we can welcome anyone, guide him/her to the altar or hear various talks.

Isn’t it true that they are representations of ourselves? Actually, God said to us, each and every one of you are a church, a Johrei center. He said this in heaven, in the world of Beginning, before creation, that He would use us as a church.

Start with the fact that I, myself, you, yourself, are a church, a Johrei center. In the center of the church is Meishu-sama. In the center of Meishu-sama is Messiah. In the center of Messiah is God. I believe it is necessary to clearly identify this within yourself.


Question to Masaaki-sama:

Could you tell us what the mission of Sekai Kyusei Kyo is from here on and what your expectation and wishes are in regard to worldwide missionary work?

Masaaki-sama’s reply:

The mission of Izunome Group is to truly succeed the foundation created by Meishu-sama and the pioneers, to truly offer everything to God, and come together and go forward with the faith in which we serve God. I believe this mission is a great one. And so I, too, want to always remember this purification, even when it passes. Even as Izunome Group stabilizes, decides on personnel and forms its structure, I want to go forward with the current state of affairs firmly imprinted in my mind so that the same thing does not happen again.

On the next day at the same Breezé Plaza in Osaka, Izunome Group’s first Ohikari Receiving Ceremony was held.

In accordance with Regulation No. 7 of Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s Church Rules, “The Kyoshu confers the sacred divine scroll and Ohikari (Sacred Focal Point),” Kyoshu-sama, himself, presented the Ohikari to new members.

Afterward, a meeting with Kyoshu-sama and the active members of the Hokuriku-Kansai Region took place. Kyoshu-sama provided detailed guidance to the various questions that members asked.



In this new phase of divine work, what is the best way to pass down our faith? I am struggling about what to do.

Excerpt from Kyoshu-sama’s reply:

The one who prepared the succession of faith is God. And so, it is not for human beings that faith exists; faith exists for God.

God prepared faith for us to fulfill the purpose of God’s creation. The purpose of faith is the same as the purpose of God’s creation. It is God who prepared faith. God prepared everything for us in order to achieve the purpose of His creation, to be born anew as a true child of God, a Messiah.

It is up to God for someone to become a new member or whether or not someone receives the Ohikari, although I do think it is a good thing to wish for. However, before we pray for it, we must realize that God himself opens up each and every one of our hearts and minds and nurtures the seed of faith within us and opens it. He is working on each and every one of us so that we may turn our hearts toward Him and make us come closer to unite with His will. Fully trusting God, I believe it would be good to pray that we, I, myself, can grow more and more in my faith.


Question to Masaaki-sama:

In regard to your missionary trip to Germany, what thoughts do you have on it—could you please tell us your feelings on it?

Masaaki-sama’s response:

Jesus said, ‘Everyone (You) must be born anew.’ The truth is, this was God’s will. Jesus preached this 2,000 years ago but this was not truly succeeded by Christianity. But for some reason, it was not the Middle East, where Jesus was born, nor the Americas or Europe—it was the Eastern limit of the limits of Japan, with 2,000 years of time and space, that Meishu-sama was born and received and accepted the true will of God.

And so, I believe we have the mission to convey the true meaning of Christ and the name Messiah to the two billion Christians that live in the world.

Furthermore, on the same day, Masaaki-sama said in a meeting with youth members:

“I believe it is worthy to devote one’s life to walking the path that Meishu-sama said would save humanity. I was allowed to enter into this world, but for me, no matter how much I thank of course God, as well as the ancestors, pioneers and ministers who provided me with the chance to enter this path, I feel it is not enough.

“Even if the way we enter this path differs from person to person, I believe that it is God and Meishu-sama who invite us onto the path saying, ‘I want you to walk with me.’

“Wherever we may go, I would like to go forward with each and every one of you.”

In such a way, he expressed his feelings and determination.

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