Greeting by Masaaki-sama
Grand Autumn Service
Intex Osaka, Osaka
October 8, 2018


Hello everyone. Congratulations on the Grand Autumn Service.

How was the video? (applause) At first, I thought it would likely be embarrassing to have my face shown on a large screen like this. And now, as I watched the video with all of you, it was indeed embarrassing. But at the same time, I was moved.

I believe that without even realizing it, we forgot the spirit in which Meishu-sama named World Church of Messiah. And because Meishu-sama is alive, I believe that right now, he is no doubt, very happy. I feel that what Meishu-sama was truly wishing for is now, through Kyoshu-sama, and through all of you, is coming to fruition and because of that, I was very moved. In thinking about Meishu-sama, I was moved.

And of course, I went as a representative of all of you on this visit to Germany. As it was said in the video, I owe this visit to all of you, members of Japan.

All of you and the church are facing a very difficult situation. I believe in many cases, you had to leave your churches and centers or suffered unprovoked mental abuse. However, within this kind of situation, in order to protect Meishu-sama’s true divine work and to protect Kyoshu-sama, you all rose up. Owing to what you did, my trip to Germany was made possible.

Seen from that perspective, even though I went as a representative of all of you, I would like to take the chance to once again, express my gratitude to everyone for preparing this opportunity. Thank you very much.

As all of you know, close to 40 youth members from Japan went to Germany. I had opportunities to meet them in various situations such as meetings and having meals together. I felt their faith in seeking Meishu-sama, in seeking Kyoshu-sama, was wonderful. I believe it is because of all of you who brought us here, you who offered your sincere faith to Meishu-sama from a long time ago, that these youth, that our generation can walk this path of faith.

When I think about myself personally, when I was young, there was not anything in particular I wanted to do. I wondered what kind of life I would lead in the future and lived with a vague sense of unease. However, my father, Kyoshu-sama, awakened me, brought me into contact with Meishu-sama, brought me into contact with God and owing to that, I am walking on this path of faith with great joy.

I believe the same goes for the youth members of Japan. When I was in Germany, I thought that their spirit of faith was truly a treasure for the future of the church and I saw that their faith was handed down by all of you.

In that way, I would like to take this opportunity, as a representative of my generation and as a representative of youth members, to say thank you to all of you.

Meishu-sama, Nidai-sama, Sandai-sama, and up through our present Kyoshu-sama, I and the youth members of Japan are here only because all of you have succeeded the faith. To your spirit of faith, I have nothing but gratitude. Thank you very much.

Having visited Germany, there is something that I have even more conviction in. That is, Meishu-sama’s most important teaching, “to be born anew as a Messiah,” Meishu-sama’s good news of salvation is salvation that not just people of Japan but also people of the world are waiting for. I am so grateful to be able to walk on this path of salvation together with all of you.

By putting forth the name of Messiah, many things have occurred and will continue to occur, as with this time’s church purification. From now on too, I believe there will be all sorts of occurrences.

However, with the truth that Meishu-sama left for us and together with Kyoshu-sama who succeeded that truth, no matter what may happen, I would like to join together, not just with my generation, but with everyone and offer my life to God’s great divine work.

I would like to take this occasion to pledge to all of you that I will do my best to serve and offer my life to Meishu-sama’s divine work together with all of you. With this, I end my greeting to you at this Grand Autumn Service.

Thank you very much.

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