Mr. Nobuyuki Watase, a trustee of an organization related to MOA is named Godai-Kyoshu, Fifth Spiritual Leader

We first would like to sincerely thank the members, all of you, for following Meishu-sama’s example, aiming to be born anew as a true child of God, a Messiah, and pushing forward in this entirely new phase of divine work shown by Kyoshu-sama.

Now, we have very serious news to relay to you.

In regard to Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi naming a new Kyoshu, up until now, it has not been clear what kind of person would be placed as a spiritual leader. However, in the current legal proceedings between Su no Hikari Kyodan and Sekai Kyusei Kyo (SKK) umbrella corporation’s illegitimate president, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nagasawa, the following facts were discovered.

On June 26, 2018, the illegitimate SKK Board of Executive Directors of the umbrella corporation made up of Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi, unanimously named Mr. Nobuyuki Watase[1] (77 years old), trustee of an organization related to Toho no Hikari, a non-profit foundation called MOA Health Science Foundation, and also Emeritus Professor of Research in Indian Philosophy at Tōkai University, as Godai-Kyoshu (Fifth Spiritual Leader).

We were also informed that in accordance with Sekai Kyusei Kyo Church Rule No. 3, Item 3, Mr. Nobuyuki Watase, as Kyoshu, took on the name “Nobuyuki Okada.”

First of all, the illegitimate president of SKK umbrella corporation, Mr. Yoshiyuki Nagasawa, has not received the necessary authorization from Yoichi Okada Kyoshu-sama in order to take up his position as determined in Sekai Kyusei Kyo Church Rule No. 5, Item 3—it is obvious that he is neither the true president nor true representative executive director of SKK umbrella corporation. This kind of resolution to choose and place a Kyoshu passed by the Board of Executive Directors under the self-proclaimed President of SKK, Mr. Nagasawa, is in itself invalid.

In order to nominate and accept the leadership of Mr. Nobuyuki Watase, it came to light that they made changes to the Spiritual Lineage Regulations, such as newly establishing a clause stating that in nullifying the leadership of Kyoshu-sama, he/she and his/her spouse would forfeit their qualifications as members of the Official Okada Spiritual Lineage.

However, changes to the Spiritual Lineage Regulations require Kyoshu-sama’s approval (Sekai Kyusei Kyo Church Rule No. 14) and so, needless to say, this kind of change to the Spiritual Lineage Regulations is invalid.

Mr. Nobuyuki Watase, as we said just before, is a researcher in Indian philosophy and as it appears in his work Manu Houten Hindu-kyo Sekai no Genkei [Laws of Manu: Prototype of the Hindu World] (Chūkō Shinsho, 1990), is also an expert in Hinduism and Brahmanism.

Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi, time and time again, criticize Kyoshu-sama saying that his guidance is Christian and finally claim that they have banished Kyoshu-sama from SKK. However, is it all right if Meishu-sama’s teachings become Hinduism or if SKK becomes Brahmanism?

Not surprisingly, Mr. Nobuyuki Watase has absolutely no blood relation to Meishu-sama nor the succeeding Kyoshu-samas thereafter, nor is he even related to a member in the Okada Spiritual Lineage. This kind of person has taken on the family name “Okada” and has taken on the title “Kyoshu,” which is nothing but blasphemy toward Meishu-sama and to the members of the Okada family. We cannot help but feel a strong sense of displeasure and incongruity toward those who carry out and approve of following, wiretapping, and secretly filming/photographing the members of the Okada family—Meishu-sama’s family—and now, without obtaining any permission from the Okada family, name someone put up as Kyoshu, as “Okada.”

Meishu-sama was the first Kyoshu-sama. Meishu-sama’s wife, Yoshi Okada was Nidai-sama (Second Spiritual Leader). Meishu-sama’s daughter Itsuki Okada was Sandai-sama (Third Spiritual Leader). And Meishu-sama’s direct descendant and grandson is Yoichi Okada, our current Kyoshu-sama. And continuing on as Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s Godai-sama (Fifth Spiritual Leader), Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi chose a trustee of the MOA Health Science Foundation, an emeritus professor of a university, or simply put, an outside expert.

To them, the person who is fit to succeed Meishu-sama’s sacred work is this Mr. Nobuyuki Watase. Is this even possible? Do they not know how absurd their actions are?

First the lowly act of following, wiretapping and secretly filming/photographing, then their investigation into Kyoshu-sama and his family’s emails, and now placing an outside expert as Kyoshu. Not believing in people and filled with fear and doubt, their doubt has turned into action. And they justify that action in the name of Meishu-sama. Where in their conduct and attitude is worthy of being called a follower of Meishu-sama? We believe, as Meishu-sama says, that they will not realize their own behavior until they go where they end up.

At this year’s Grand Spring Service, Mr. Masayoshi Kobayashi made a statement saying that the staff members who support Kyoshu-sama are “leaking seemingly believable information saying, ‘President Kobayashi is colluding with Toho no Hikari’s senior advisors and are preparing to choose and place the next Kyoshu from within Toho no Hikari’s organization.’”

And that those kind of staff members are carrying out propaganda of lies, hiding the truth, saying that Meishu-sama dislikes lies the most, thoroughly criticizing and judging us. However, now, in reality, for as long as Toho no Hikari and Mr. Kobayashi back a Kyoshu from an organization related to Toho no Hikari, who was the one who actually lied? From this, is it not clear

Also, the illegitimate Board of Executive Directors of SKK umbrella corporation published “Dai Keirin [God’s Great Plan],” No. 19 on July 1 of this year. There, while they announced to all the members of SKK that “in regard to concerns about Kyoshu from here on, we would like to decide what to do by carefully considering the matter as we hear your opinions,” in actuality, five days before on June 26, with the consent of the members of the Spiritual Lineage Members Council who were present and the unanimous decision of the illegitimate SKK umbrella corporation Board of Executive Directors, Mr. Nobuyuki Watase was placed as Godai-Kyoshu, Fifth Spiritual Leader.

We do not understand the existence of a Spiritual Lineage Members Council that does not include the participation of even a single member from the Okada Official Spiritual Lineage in the first place. However, repeated behavior by those in the illegitimate SKK Board of Executive Directors that deceive members, such as stating the above words when already unanimously having chosen a new Kyoshu—we have no words to address to them.

As these facts have now come to light, there is no mistake that their behavior will be carved into the history of SKK as behavior that betrayed Meishu-sama and members all around the world.

Unsatisfied with just removing Yoichi Okada Yondai (fourth) Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama, who is meant to be Godai (fifth) Kyoshu-sama, they have disrespected the blood line that runs through from Meishu-sama, the first Kyoshu-sama. They have trampled on the luminous history of SKK that was forged with unbroken, grueling effort by succeeding Kyoshu-samas under Meishu-sama’s divine plan.

For members of SKK, the one who is meant to be Kyoshu-sama is certainly not an “outside expert” who is a trustee of a MOA foundation, an organization related to Toho no Hikari. He/She is not a scholar well-informed in Hinduism. How is a researcher in Indian philosophy and a trustee of an organization related to MOA able to carry out the position of Kyoshu, the holy position that succeeds the sacred work of Meishu-sama?

For members of SKK, there is no Kyoshu-sama other than Yoichi Okada, present Kyoshu. The one who is meant to be Godai (fifth) Kyoshu-sama is no other than Masaaki Okada, Meishu-sama’s direct descendant, his great-grandson and who has no doubt succeeded the heart and spirit of Meishu-sama and Yoichi Okada Yondai (fourth) Kyoshu-sama. No matter what kind of methods they use, Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi can never reverse this.

From here on, too, we will place importance on the proper blood line that runs through from Meishu-sama.

We believe in Meishu-sama’s divine plan that is alive in Meishu-sama’s blood line. If that were not the case, it would mean that we would directly be denying the divine work carried out by the pioneers up until now under the successive generations of Kyoshu-samas. In other words, it would be denying SKK itself.

We are firmly succeeding Meishu-sama’s sacred work and accepting Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama as our leaders, who are teaching us the entirely new faith that Meishu-sama preached to us, that is, the faith to be born anew as a Messiah. We will walk together with them, wherever they may go and serve in this new phase of divine work.

From Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan
Keiichiro Narii, President
Michio Shirasawa, President of Izunome Group


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