On September 22, continuing on from their visit to Nagano, Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-sama, and Masaaki-sama attended a friendly exchange over dinner at the Enakyo Grand Hotel in the city of Ena, with approximately 30 members from Nakatsugawa and Tōnō Nishi. After a member representative expressed their gratitude in a greeting, Kyoshu-sama, not showing a hint of tiredness from his long journey, cheerfully delivered a greeting and pleasantly talked in a harmonious atmosphere.

The following day on the 23rd, the Membership Meeting for members of Nakatsugawa and Tōnō Nishi who share the same spirit as Kyoshu-sama took place at the Nakatsugawa Cultural Hall, with approximately 180 members in attendance.

With Kyoshu-sama leading, everyone prayed the Amatsu Norito. After Johrei, Kyoshu-sama read the Opening Words.
Next, Rev. Kato, Regional Director, expressed words of gratitude to Kyoshu-sama and his family in his greeting, then, President Shirasawa stood to give his greeting.

Next, a member from Nakatsugawa shared his testimonial and said:

“When people tell me ‘Kyoshu-sama’s messages are strange, they are different from the teachings,’ I believe, no, Kyoshu-sama’s messages are not strange. Meishu-sama has received God’s will, is using Kyoshu-sama and advancing the divine work of this entirely new salvation of Messiah.

“One day, when I was mowing the lawn, something got caught and it stopped turning. A plastic bag was coiled around in the innermost part and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get it out. I wondered if I could use the prayer at a time like this and said, ‘In the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, I am fixing the lawn mower. I am sorry for using this prayer at a time like this.’ Then the plastic bag slithered off like nothing. I was amazed. I thought it was a selfish way to use the words, but even that had been forgiven. I felt that the holy name of Messiah was a word very close to me and believed even more how tremendous this word is.”

And like this, reported his realizations and joy.

Then, Kyoshu-sama took the podium. He explained in detail the sequence of events that led to his message at last year’s Beginning of Spring Service from the origins of Izunome Kyodan to the situation he finds himself in now and his feelings on it.

Next, a question and answer session was held. Five people asked questions and Kyoshu-sama attentively replied.



“I am concerned about the continuance of our church Kyusei Kyo. With this time’s church purification, feelings of blame are coming out toward those siding with the executives under Mr. Kobayashi.”

Kyoshu-sama’s guidance (excerpt):

“The church is not owned by anyone. It is Meishu-sama’s church, God’s church. We can only pray that God creates the best situation for us so that His will may be accomplished. I believe that is, so to speak, something that God will decide. Because we get caught up in worldly affairs, we are ones who end up seeing antagonism and destruction. However, God is always creating anew because God is the Creator of all things. We feel purification as if it is destructive or disruptive, but the truth is that it is a work of creation. God is constantly making things anew.

“If the feeling of blaming others does arise, God is making us realize it and He wants us to realize that He has forgiven and received it. Humans have various thoughts and feelings within them. After all, all of humanity’s thoughts and feelings are within us as DNA. It’s impossible to force yourself not to have blaming feelings well up (laughter). Even if you could do it today, something could happen tomorrow and you wouldn’t be able to do it (laughter). God recognizes your effort but He wants us to realize that it is impossible to force and He wants you to give up. Then He wants you to receive His forgiveness. I believe that He is saying to us, “receive the forgiveness embedded in the name of Messiah and return home. It is not just one person’s matter, but the matters that all humanity was out of balance with have gathered around you. So through you, I will receive those matters”—that is how God is using you. God is using the feelings of blame for the work of salvation.”


Masaaki-sama also replied to a question from a member regarding his visit to Germany and worldwide missionary work with the following guidance.

“Meishu-sama loved the piece Messiah by Handel. Originally, this composition is a song in praise of Jesus Christ. It was created for that purpose. However, Meishu-sama said that this song is praising himself. I understand this as the spirit that resided in Jesus Christ and the spirit that resided in Meishu-sama are actually one spirit that have the holy name of Messiah.

“What Meishu-sama was wishing for at the time he established World Church of Messiah, the world that Meishu-sama is truly waiting for and wanting, I believe will be realized. Disputes over that God is that and this God is this have lasted and continued for a long time, but if all of humanity is united with the name of Messiah, in the truest sense, we can become brothers and sisters. Under our true parent, the one and only God, brothers and sisters will all come together and serve God. I believe that God will make that wonderful world.”

Next, Kyoshu-sama said the Closing Words and then a member expressed her gratitude and words of determination. All participants then sang “Divine Light Hymn” and “Goin’ Home” in sonorous voices.

Afterwards, as a surprise, everyone celebrated Kyoshu-sama’s birthday (September 30) by singing “Happy Birthday” and presented him with a flower garland and a bouquet. He responded with a radiant smile and expressed words of gratitude.

Lastly, a commemorative photograph was taken, Kyoshu-sama and his family exchanged handshakes with each and every person and addressed people with words of appreciation for their daily efforts in divine work. They also exchanged words with and listened to the conditions of those who were purifying.

For members who participated, it was a day filled with joy and determination to strive towards an entirely new phase of divine work.

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