Continuing on after the Grand Autumn Service on October 8 held in Osaka, Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-sama and Masaaki-sama visited Shiga Prefecture and attended a friendly meeting over dinner with members of the Omi Church in the city of Otsu. He earnestly listened to members’ questions and reports of their daily efforts and provided thoughtful guidance to each and every person.

During the next morning on the 9th, after Kyoshu-sama and his family took a brief moment of rest at the Otsukan English Garden facing Lake Biwa, they attended the Omi Church Membership Meeting that took place at the same venue. Under the lead of Kyoshu-sama, all attendees prayed the Amatsu Norito. After Kyoshu-sama channeled Johrei, he read the Opening Words.

After Rev. Ono, Regional Director [of the Hokuriku-Kansai Region], expressed words of gratitude in his greeting, Rev. Shirasawa [President of Izunome Group] stood to give a greeting and shared glimpses of the Grand Autumn Service from the day before. He mentioned Masaaki-sama’s visit to Germany and his bold message delivered to the Christian world. He also said, “Meishu-sama’s teachings are truth, they are universal and I am actually feeling these are teachings that should be shared with all humankind. Meishu-sama’s ardent wish in establishing World Church of Messiah is becoming a reality—a great surge—and has set into motion…From here on too, I would like to learn from and practice Kyoshu-sama’s messages together with all of you.”

Next, the emcee introduced members by Johrei center. When the center name was called, members waved their arms—Kyoshu-sama responded by waving his hands, too.

To begin, Kyoshu-sama thoughtfully explained the sequence of events that led to his message delivered at last year’s Beginning of Spring Service from the origins of Izunome Kyodan to the situation he finds himself in now and his feelings on it.

Next, a question and answer session was held. In response to members’ frank questions, Kyoshu-sama conscientiously provided guidance.



“On my first-grade daughter’s way home from school, another child was being mean to her friend. She felt sorry for her friend and prayed within, ‘Meishu-sama, please help.’ However, nothing changed. She shared this story with me. I realized the part of myself that conveyed to my daughter that it is when something bad becomes good, God has worked. Also, before, when someone was being mean to my daughter, all the while thinking that God does everything, I was still wishing to solve the problem—I returned this part of myself to Meishu-sama. However, what could I have said to my daughter who said the situation didn’t change? Also, could you teach me about what kind of thoughts/attitude I should have as my focus in regard to parenting in order for me to become a true child of God?”

Kyoshu-sama’s guidance (excerpt):

“‘Meishu-sama, please help,’ in any case, I believe is something one says being conscious of someone called Meishu-sama and the existence of God. I believe it would be good to compliment your daughter for turning her thoughts to God, ‘You did well to think of Meishu-sama!’

“At the end of the day, God is our true parent. And so, I would like to view calling on Meishu-sama as really calling on our true parent.

“Ms. U took the time to ask me a question on picking on others or being picked on. That all of you are hearing this means that this is not just Ms. U’s or her daughter’s matter but also my matter and a matter of all humanity—I believe that is why it is resulting to this.

“‘I, myself, together with many other people, including other children, as ones who have been forgiven and saved, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, may we all return to the heaven within us. In returning to heaven, may God use us and what we returned as materials in his work of creating anew. May He nurture our new hearts more and more.’ To think in this way, I believe is our role.”

Also, to a question for Masaaki-sama, “How should we regard your trip to Germany and how should we apply what we learn into our daily efforts in divine work?” He answered:

“This time’s visit to Germany was not planned by us [Izunome Group] nor could the visit be realized if Rev. Thome of Germany sided with the executives under Mr. Kobayashi. Those matters and the whole chain of events were, I felt, increasingly, rapidly leading toward seeking the spirit in which Meishu-sama founded World Church of Messiah itself—it felt like Meishu-sama’s divine plan.

“Perhaps during Meishu-sama’s time, we were not on a level to understand the true meaning embedded in the word Messiah just yet. And so, Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama returned the name of Messiah to God through Meishu-sama for a time, until the right time came.

“First, I believe that God said that he would temporarily take it under His care. Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama felt this, understood and returned it to God. Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama may have done this unconsciously, but in serving Meishu-sama, they sensed God’s will and for the time being, returned the name of Messiah to God. And thus, I believe that World Church of Messiah (Meshiya Kyo) became World Church of Salvation (Sekai Kyusei Kyo) and Messiah Hall (Meshiya Kaikan) became Hall of Salvation (aka Hall of Worship, Kyusei Kaikan).

“So with that, little by little, Meishu-sama [began] preparing people who would be able to truly succeed his true will/thoughts on the word Messiah. Then Meishu-sama saw that within his followers, there were [indeed] people who would be able to accept the true meaning. With the time being ripe, the name of Messiah that was returned by Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama, once again was handed down to the Fourth Kyoshu-sama by Meishu-sama.

“Now, I believe that Kyoshu-sama is asking each and every one of us about this name that was entrusted to him by Meishu-sama. Will you accept the Messiah’s spirit that is in each and every single one of you?”

And gave such guidance in a detailed manner.

Afterwards, all participants sang, “Goin’ Home.” After taking a commemorative photograph, Kyoshu-sama and his family exchanged handshakes with everyone while also having friendly conversation.

For participants, the Membership Meeting was an unforgettable moment. Participants also newly determined to serve in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, in this entirely new phase of divine work.

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