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We bring to you a brief look into the activities of Izunome Group members who are going forward in one spirit with Kyoshu-sama on this entirely new faith revealed to us by Meishu-sama.

~Fukui Church Opening Ceremony, October 14, 2018~
Turning over a new leaf together with everyone:
a newly permitted place of God

Under a refreshingly clear autumn sky, over 130 members attended the Opening Ceremony at the Fukui Church.

By the church purification, all the centers under Fukui Church were closed down and many people ended up scattering, losing a place to interact with members. After waiting a long half a year, their reunion finally took form in this opening ceremony. All the members rushed over with smiles of joy, exchanged words and shared their joy.

“We suddenly lost the center that we had usually gathered, prayed and studied together. We have been uneasy and anxious since then. We are so happy that we have reached today” were the voices of many.

Through this time’s church purification, with having to leave centers that they had become familiar with, members faced various challenges, however, they opened a church finally. With today as their starting point and newly determined to receive God’s will of being born anew, they start out and go even further in an entirely new faith together with Kyoshu-sama.

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