As it was decided that Masaaki-sama would visit Australia as a representative of Kyoshu-sama, he arrived at the Sydney Airport on November 30 and was welcomed and received by Rev. Horacio Godoy, Head Minister of Australia.

The next day on December 1, Masaaki-sama visited the Sydney Johrei Center. With a gathering of the local members, Rev. Horacio first expressed his gratitude to Masaaki-sama for his visit.

Next, Masaaki-sama stood to give a greeting and said, “By Rev. Horacio’s invitation, I was able to come to Australia and I am very grateful…It is a short stay but I would like to hear from everyone and also share with you what I feel and think.”

Furthermore, he touched upon the contents of the leaflet “Who We Are: We were born on earth to become children of God” for missionary work and said,

“Who did Meishu-sama become. Who was Jesus Christ. Was Meishu-sama the only Messiah. Was Jesus Christ the only Messiah. We turned our eyes away from these questions, however, Kyoshu-sama is clearing up the truth about the holy name of Messiah. And over many years, Kyoshu-sama has been guiding us about what Meishu-sama accomplished during his life, that he was born anew as a true child of God. Moreover, it was not just limited to Meishu-sama…

“Meishu-sama not only did the activities of Johrei, Nature Farming/Natural Food and Art himself, but also opened the way for his followers to do the same activities. This Meishu-sama was born anew as a true child of God in 1954. I believe that if we are truly to follow Meishu-sama’s example, we have to follow him 100%. Even though we can choose a part of Meishu-sama’s divine work such as, ‘I like Nature Farming so I will only follow him in that,’ I believe we must ask ourselves what is most important—where are we trying to go, what is our ultimate goal. Meishu-sama’s final conclusion was to be born anew as a true child of God. So shouldn’t we too, in the same way, be destined to be born anew as true children of God? Meishu-sama truly left us a tremendous message.”

Next, Masaaki-sama blessed the leaflets, “Who We Are,” and presented them to Rev. Horacio. Afterwards, he went into a meeting with the local members.

In the meeting, along with each member introducing themselves, they also expressed their thoughts and feelings on Masaaki-sama’s greeting and asked questions. Over a prolonged period of time, Masaaki-sama provided guidance in an up close and personal manner. Later in the evening, Masaaki-sama and the local members had dinner together at a restaurant within the city.


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