Greeting by Masaaki-sama
Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service
Twin Messe Shizuoka, Japan
December 23, 2018


Hello everyone.

       Just now in the video, we heard about what Meishu-sama ultimately revealed to us, to be born anew as a Messiah and I believe that Kyoshu-sama has long been teaching what this means for us exactly.

       As all of you know, Meishu-sama said that “Messiah was born” and he was “born anew.” The next year he passed away. Here, there is something that we must think about. When Meishu-sama passed away, did he end up passing at the young age of about one year? That is not the case. Or in 1954, he said that he was born anew and so, he would live 70 or 80 years after that, be alive somewhere in the spiritual realm and then pass away again? That is not the case either.

       Meishu-sama said that “it was not a reincarnation” but rather, he was “born anew.” This means that Meishu-sama is alive now and will be alive forever. Not to reincarnate means no longer dying. In other words, Meishu-sama acquired eternal life.

       Meishu-sama said, “Messiah was born.” This means that the name embedded in eternal life is Messiah. And now, Kyoshu-sama is teaching us that this is not limited to only Meishu-sama but each and every one of us can also be granted eternal life in which the name of Messiah is embedded.

       Then we think things like, “Let’s make it an objective to be born anew as Messiahs,” or “I wonder if I have to accept the name of Messiah.” Of course, it is important to make it an objective and also accept it, but something we must not forget is that this very important name, Messiah, was prepared by God with His great love.

       For example, when a child comes back home from afar, the mother feels like making the child happy one way or another and so buys various ingredients and also picks the recipes, gathers cookware and the best things to prepare a meal. Or when a son is to be married, the father works hard at his carpentry work to prepare a wonderful house for his son. When the time actually comes, the child comes back home, sees the food in front of them, or the house that was prepared for them and say to their parents, “Since you prepared it for me, I’ll eat it,” or “Since the house is prepared, I’ll use it.” They show a plain reaction. Even if the children had this kind of response, I believe the mother would be happy should their child eat the food that she prepared or the father would be glad that his child is using the house he built.

       But truthfully, at those times, if children should say, “Oh mom, thank you so much for making this wonderful meal for me, I don’t deserve it. But I will enjoy it!” Or, “For me?? You built this magnificent house for me? Thank you. I don’t deserve something like this, but I will live in this house that you built for me, Dad,” I think parents would be very happy about that.

       With these, making meals and building houses, we are talking about a visible world. But God is creating an invisible life for us, which humans simply cannot make.

       And He is saying, “You do not have to perish. I will give you eternal life. I also give you a name, but not a Mr. Nobody.” He is wanting to grant us life in which the name of Messiah is embedded.

       And so, like these examples just now, even when making it an aim or feeling that you must accept the name, I believe that God is saying, “I am glad that you are turning your heart to me like this.” But on our part, if we are able to think, “Even though I completely turned my back against God for so long, God prepared this wonderful thing for me. I no longer have to perish. I feel so guilty that He prepared this eternal life, this true salvation for me,” and “I really want to accept the name of Messiah,” I believe the true parent of our lives, God, would be very happy.

       Don’t we want to be an ideal of ourselves that thinks in this way? But with our actual selves, there are times we strongly feel we want to accept it and times that we simply don’t. Or perhaps a feeling like, “I’m tired of turning my consciousness toward God.” Or maybe we are tortured about various things and we can’t even believe in the existence of God.

       So here, there is a difference that cannot be reconciled. There is an ideal self that truly repents and wants to accept the name of Messiah. Then there is the actual self that has a hard time thinking that. You want to do your best to try to be closer to this “ideal self,” but it is difficult, even after many years. Sometimes you can think in this way and sometimes you cannot.

       So are we existences with no hope and no way to be saved in this world? Does it all end there? I believe that is not so.

       What is Meishu-sama saying to us? What is he saying to us about our various thoughts, worries and conflicts that we suffer over? He is saying, “To tell you the truth, you are residents of heaven.” Residents of heaven.

       If that is the case, we have various thoughts and feelings that arise from within us. I want to accept the name of Messiah, I don’t want to accept it. Being jealous of or resenting others and not being able to turn my heart to God. We came from heaven to save precisely those feelings – that is what it is.

       It is precisely because we are residents of heaven, precisely because we have been granted the holy name of Messiah, that thoughts that we don’t want to accept the name of Messiah and other various thoughts for which we think there is no salvation, gather together in our hearts and minds. So isn’t God trying to receive these thoughts and feelings through us for salvation?

       But saying, “Well, it’s fine if I just surrender this,” or “It’s fine if I just do the practice of sonen” are not necessarily simple matters either. Of course, these are important but it is how you do those things in themselves – I believe that is the point.

       After all, thinking, “Ah, with His love, God is really fulfilling my heart, He is really trying to receive everything of mine. Uniting everything with the name of Messiah that is within me, in order to save everything, He has gathered together various thoughts and feelings within me.” Then, we offer them to God.

       We have believed that Meishu-sama was the only one who carried the holy essence of Messiah, the only one who had this glorious world within him. However, Kyoshu-sama is saying to us, no, that is not so. “In each and every one of you, too, a most glorious world is within you.” He is saying to us, the ultimate happiness, the true happiness, far surpasses things like the visible sacred grounds or the happiness we think of in the human world – this true happiness is inside you.

       And it is not only us who carry this true happiness within. All of humanity, each and every person, no matter where they are, carry it within them. All of humanity, without exception, possess this truly glorious world of God filled with joy and happiness.

       And so, of course, we accept it. In our accepting, thoughts also arise within us in various ways, “Ah, this is God taking care of me with His love. Ah, God is trying to receive this.” As we think this, at the same time, to the people around us, “You actually have this glorious world within you, too. Eternal life in which the name of Messiah is embedded exists inside of you!” We, humanity, is a humanity that is enveloped in God’s love – we want to be ones who can convey this to others.

       When we think about it this way, I believe that Meishu-sama is now saying to us, “The time has come. The time is right.” The time has finally come for the fruition of Meishu-sama’s true wish to start, for true salvation to expand. We are the ones who now stand at this crossroads.

       And so now, Kyoshu-sama is guiding us, saying that each and every one of us has this glorious world within, we have the holy name of Messiah within us – for humanity, I believe this is an enormous matter. I believe that we here today have been made to stand in this grave, glorious era.

       Today, we celebrate the birth of Meishu-sama. So who exactly is this person, Meishu-sama? He is, truly, the one who with his own body, accomplished what humanity must become, what humanity truly is, what true happiness is for humanity.

       And that is why, this day, when Meishu-sama was born, I believe, is a deeply significant day for humanity. I am most happy to celebrate in this grand way with everyone on this auspicious day.

       Various things happened this year but walking together with all of you, there is no greater joy than what I feel now. And again next year, together with Kyoshu-sama, together with all of you, I will do my best to serve in the divine work of Meishu-sama’s salvation, his joy, that is being accomplished. Let us do our best.

       Thank you.

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