March 1, 2019 

To All Members

Announcement: Kyoshu-sama’s Hymns

At this time, I have a very delightful announcement to make to everyone.

From now on, it has been decided that every month, Kyoshu-sama will be releasing to us hymns that he composed himself.

The first Kyoshu – Meishu-sama, then Nidai-sama (second), and Sandai-sama (third), expressed their thoughts and feelings through hymns and then passed them down to us. Through their numerous hymns, our hearts have been purified, elevated, cultivated as well as lightened, comforted, and encouraged. The Kyoshu stands at the center of God’s Plan in this physical world. Their hymns having an irreplaceable holy spiritual sound that deepen our faith and have been deeply impressed into our hearts.

At the present moment, we are seeking the spirit in which Meishu-sama founded his church, World Church of Messiah, with our church guideline and motto, “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama.” And we are receiving the great nurture of God from this entirely new faith. Just like Nidai-sama and Sandai-sama, the current Kyoshu-sama has succeeded Meishu-sama’s divine work of the construction of paradise on earth and the salvation of humanity and explains to us God and Meishu-sama’s true wish. During this most important time, he conveys his overflowing thoughts and feelings to us through his hymns. I believe that this is an exceedingly important work of creating rapport between Kyoshu-sama and the members.

Last year, “Goin’ Home” with lyrics set by Kyoshu-sama was presented. I have heard reports of joyfulness that through the singing of it, many of you were able to come in contact with the spirit embedded in Kyoshu-sama’s guidance.      

From seeing examples like this, we asked Kyoshu-sama if it was possible for us to receive his hymns. We were given his willing approval. I am sincerely grateful for this.      

Through his hymns, Kyoshu-sama’s thoughts and feelings are condensed into a few short words. Just as we sing “Goin’ Home,” I am convinced that by coming in contact with Kyoshu-sama’s hymns, we have a wonderful opportunity to get closer to Kyoshu-sama’s heart.      

As you all well know, Meishu-sama entitled the collection of his hymns Gosanka-shu, meaning, literally, Collection of Songs of Praise, and so the purpose of composing hymns for Meishu-sama was clear – to praise God through them. We believe that Kyoshu-sama is doing the same. Our task, therefore, in receiving Kyoshu-sama’s hymns is the same – praise God through them.

Beginning next month, April 2019, Kyoshu-sama’s hymns will be published in the church publication, Shin-zen-bi (Truth, Goodness & Beauty).      

Through Kyoshu-sama’s hymns, let us wholeheartedly receive God and Meishu-sama’s vast, deep, sometimes loving, sometimes strict will conveyed by Kyoshu-sama’s thoughts and feelings. Let us walk together on this path of deepening our faith. And let us, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, praise God with all our heart.

Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan

Keiichiro Narii, President

Michio Shirasawa, President of Izunome Group

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