:: Izunome Group :: Activities :: No.7 ::

Going forward as one heart with Kyoshu-sama, we bring to you a glimpse into the activities of Izunome Group members

~Shinsei Region’s Minato Church Divine Scroll Dedication Service and New Year’s Prayer Service combined with Opening Ceremony, January 5 & 6, 2019~

A new place, Minato Church, has opened in the city of Yokohama of the Kanagawa Prefecture!

On January 5, the Daikomyo Divine Scroll Dedication Service took place within a solemn atmosphere. The next day on the 6th, many members gathered for the New Year Prayer Service combined with Opening Ceremony. Together with Kyoshu-sama, they renewed their determination to serve in this entirely new phase of divine work following Meishu-sama as our model.

From members were numerous voices of emotion, including:

“I would like to serve in God’s divine work in this amazing spiritual realm with the motto, ‘Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama.’”

“I have thoroughly taken to heart and soul the resolve to ‘be used in constructing a paradise on earth in order to become a child of God.’ Having been permitted a house of God, I will go forward in the construction of paradise on earth, always one heart with Kyoshu-sama.”

“In a once in a lifetime Divine Scroll Dedication Service that solemnly took place, the moment that I bowed my head and raised it toward the Divine Scroll, something distinct from myself, something I couldn’t describe in words came welling up from within me. What is this?? I wondered in disbelief. I thought this deep emotion could be the happiness of being used by God in this entirely new divine work and I felt that now is the time to take a step further.”

“After hearing Kyoshu-sama’s message received for the Opening Ceremony, I wanted even more to turn my consciousness toward God Who is within me and return to heaven.”

“Under this new church and new Divine Scroll, I, myself, would like to serve with a renewed heart in this entirely new phase of the divine work of salvation. I felt hope, gratitude and joy.”

“Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama!”

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