A joint Ohikari Receiving Ceremony with Su no Hikari Kyodan was held on February 16 at the Osaka Garden Palace. Kyoshu-sama, himself, presented the Ohikari or Sacred Focal Point to each and every new member.

On the previous day, the 15th, a meeting with Kyoshu-sama and the center heads of Izunome Group’s Hokuriku-Kansai Region was held at the same venue. Kyoshu-sama’s wife Mayumi-sama, and Masaaki-sama were present, as well as Rev. Narii (President of Su no Hikari Kyodan) and center heads of Su no Hikari Kyodan’s three areas in the Kansai Region who participated as observers.

 After Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama first delivered their greetings, they answered questions from members with great care over a long period of time.

 With the realizations and joy participants were allowed to have through the guidance, they departed with renewed hearts in order to serve in the divine work of accomplishing God’s will.

 And on the same evening, a dinner meeting was held with Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-sama, and Masaaki-sama. Participants were able to ask questions in an up close and personal manner and spent an invaluable moment with them.

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