On March 9, Kyoshu-sama visited the Chubu Region’s Okazaki Church, together with his wife Mayumi-sama and Masaaki-sama. After having a prayer, they had friendly exchanges with the members.

Afterward, they attended the Membership Meeting for the Mikawa/Chita Area of the Chubu Region (from four churches) at the Okazaki Integrated Learning Center. Within Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama’s greeting, they provided guidance on such things as the will of Meishu-sama embedded in the church purification, and how we who are united to God and the name of Messiah, are connected to this purification the relationship between God and us who are connected to Him through the name of Messiah. In their question and answer session, they responded to questions over a long period of time and later, enjoyed meeting and chatting over a friendly dinner with members.

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