Congratulations, everyone.

What did all of you think of the video we just saw a moment ago?

I felt deep emotion, and at the same time, I felt apologetic to Meishu-sama. Meishu-sama found himself ill with cerebral hemorrhage and his head hurt. In that state, he realized that it was a message from God and began listening to Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus from Messiah a great deal, and he wished to have members sing the song. Exactly how much did we receive these feelings of Meishu-sama? I was filled with deep emotion, but I also felt apologetic toward Meishu-sama. It took all these years to start singing the “Hallelujah” chorus, and in thinking about this, I felt remorseful and felt I needed to apologize to Meishu-sama while watching the video.

But his wishes are now starting to come to fruition owing to Kyoshu-sama’s leadership. I thought, as I watched the video, how nice it would be if we all are able to offer a chorus that Meishu-sama is truly joyful of.


I believe being here at RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka is the first time for many of you from Su no Hikari Kyodan. For me and members from Izunome Group, we held the Paradise on Earth Service here last year.

Before that same June, last April and May, was a time when I, myself, was summoned to something called the Judgment Panel. Because the content of what I was conveying to staff ministers and members was unacceptable to them, they stripped me of my membership from the church, or so they claimed.

In those circumstances, I wondered what would happen after that, what would happen to Meishu-sama’s divine work. With that concern, the Paradise on Earth Service took place here. However, many members of Izunome Group gathered and it was truly heartening. This is the place where I was able to hold the belief that this work would continue.

Not even a year has passed since last year’s Paradise on Earth Service and it is this place that not only people from Izunome Group, but those of you from Su no Hikari Kyodan are here together at this Grand Spring Service being held on a such large scale.

It is not only joy – there is a feeling that I cannot put into words. The way that Meishu-sama is advancing the divine work, the strictness of having to serve in his work, the joy of being able to serve in it, the enjoyment, the expectation, the worry – there are many things at this moment within my heart that are hard to put into words.

However, for me to have this opportunity to be together with all of you is owing to everyone’s faith in seeking Meishu-sama. Thank you very much.


At the Grand Spring Service, we offered poems written by members by singing them to God and Meishu-sama. Those from Izunome Group have been doing this for many years, but this time it was together with the members of Su no Hikari. I always look forward to offering everyone’s poems together with all of you.

Today, too, from offering together all of your poems filled with your sentiments on a faith that seeks Meishu-sama’s will conveyed through Kyoshu-sama, I, myself, think such things as, “Ah, that’s a good way to think about it,” or am encouraged. I always learn and realize a great deal from your poems.

Starting next month, as all of you know, it has been decided that we will be receiving Kyoshu-sama’s Tanka Poems. Naturally, we will accept them as important messages, but the poems all of you wrote filled with your feelings of faith, too, I would like to take them as lessons for my own faith, so I am looking forward to them all.


As we also saw in the video just now, Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus from Messiah will be offered to God and Meishu-sama at the upcoming Paradise on Earth Service. And we have begun the distribution of the new church leaflet, “Who We Are: We were born on earth to become children of God.” First, we ourselves need to receive the name of Messiah, then we can convey this to other people – we will soon be able to proceed with these activities at full-scale.

There, I believe that there is something that we must overcome, that we must conquer. That is, as heard in the video, “Is Meishu-sama the only Messiah or not?” I believe that the answer can no longer be an ambiguous point within us.

You may have the thought that, for us, it does not matter. “I was saved by Meishu-sama and was able to encounter God, I don’t care if Meishu-sama is called the Messiah or the Savior.” Or you may think, “Meishu-sama is my Messiah, our Messiah, so that should be fine.” If we think only of one’s own personal salvation, that kind of thinking would be fine.

However, Meishu-sama has ordered us, “You are not ones who only think about saving yourselves. Become ones who create a wonderful world!” We have been entrusted with this mission of “the construction of a Paradise on Earth.”

“The construction of a Paradise on Earth,” that is, the salvation of humanity. In other words, everyone has to be saved.

Meishu-sama named his church World Church of Messiah and announced that he was born anew as the Messiah. We followers of Meishu-sama cannot run away from the name of Messiah. There is no mistake that we must receive this name and go forward with it.

In this way, when we think about putting out the name of Messiah and going forward with the salvation of humanity, we immediately run into the existence of Jesus Christ. That is because Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only Messiah in existence.

So, if we were to go forward with the salvation of humanity with “Meishu-sama is the only Messiah,” it would forever conflict with Christians who believe that Jesus is the only Messiah. It would mean we could no longer save the two billion people who are said to be Christian from the seven billion in humanity. Do we simply give up on saving those two billion people? Is that all right?

The phrase “salvation of humanity” sounds very nice, but this is not an imaginary story. If the salvation of humanity were an imaginary story and Meishu-sama is the only Messiah, or Meishu-sama is “our Messiah,” then perhaps it would be fine. However, God is in fact advancing the salvation of all of humanity through us.

There, if we are to put out the name of Messiah, how exactly do we face the existence of Jesus Christ? This is an issue we absolutely cannot avoid.

If Meishu-sama were the only Messiah and all of humanity had to recognize it or else the earth would not be saved – for instance, in places like Europe, America and all around the world, many things related to Christianity exist such as art, churches, music, and painting – for things themed with Christ, Westerners and Christians all over the world would have to think, “This was wrong,” or “Jesus Christ wasn’t the Messiah.” “The Bible was wrong. It was wrong for the cross to be hung in a church. Every art piece related to Christ was wrong. Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus was not praising Christ, but Meishu-sama. I am so sorry.” Do you think this kind of thing would happen? I do not think so.

Were it to become as such, why would it have been necessary for Meishu-sama to say to us, “work in concert with Christianity” to go forward with salvation?

Jesus Christ was born anew as the Messiah. This is a fact. Meishu-sama was also born anew as the Messiah. This is a fact. In short, they are both Messiah.

But not only that, Kyoshu-sama is now guiding us that it is not only Jesus and Meishu-sama, but also each one of us is an existence whose precious soul has been given the name Messiah. If this is true, this does not deny anyone. I believe this is a message of salvation that is truly open to all of humanity.

Were Meishu-sama the only Messiah, we would no longer be able to sing Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus together with Christians. Unless Christians happen to recognize and say, “I was wrong. It was not Jesus. Meishu-sama is the only Messiah,” we would not be able to sing it together.

But it is not this way. We are saying, “We acknowledge Christians. We recognize that Jesus is the Messiah.” And not only that, to them we say, “We believe that we, too, have within us the spirit of Messiah,” and we can convey to them, “This is within you, too.” And then, “Let’s listen to or sing ‘Hallelujah’ chorus together.” I believe this is a message that can be conveyed to Buddhists, Muslims and Shintoists as equally.

So, we will be offering the “Hallelujah” chorus to God at the upcoming Paradise on Earth Service. We do not have to wonder whom the song is praising. As you listen, think, “It is the spirit of God that is in each and every one of us equally, all of humanity. The spirit of Messiah. Ah, that is what the song is praising!” And sing.

And with the leaflet, “Who We Are,” I believe we can all practice in the distribution of it with the thought that “I would like for people to know that all of humanity, each one of us, equally, have the spirit of Messiah within us. I would like for people to awaken to that spirit.”

With that meaning, there is no mistake that we exist on the foundation of Jesus Christ who first received the holy name of Messiah. There is no mistake but this true salvation is not preached in Christianity. Everyone in humanity has the name Messiah attached to their souls. To proclaim this good news of the true salvation is the mission that has been entrusted to us followers of Meishu-sama!

This, I believe to be the only path of salvation for all of humanity, in the truest sense. I believe in this. However, we could not realize this message of salvation on our own. It was Kyoshu-sama who first taught us and awakened us to this Meishu-sama’s message. That is precisely why I believe that our church guideline/motto, “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,” is truly important.

So I, myself, together with all of you, want to be “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,” walk the path of Meishu-sama’s true wish, the true “construction of Paradise on Earth,” and the true salvation of humanity. I would like to build a world filled with light.

That path is right in front of our eyes. I believe Meishu-sama is saying to us, “Walk that path. Be confident and walk.”

This path. I believe it truly is a great, magnificent divine work of salvation of a grand scale. Today and from here on, I will walk together with all of you in this divine work.

Thank you very much.


  • This greeting is a composite of the morning and afternoon services.

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