Kyoshu-sama’s Message
Grand Spring Service
RIHGA Royal Hotel, Osaka
March 30, 2019


Congratulations, everyone, on the Grand Spring Service.

Just as it was so at last year’s Paradise on Earth Service, we are holding this service owing to the understanding and cooperation of everyone here at RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka and all that they put into consideration. Here, I offer my warmhearted thanks to all the staff at this hotel.

Today, following the will of Meishu-sama, this Grand Spring Service is attended by members from all three groups: Su no Hikari Church, Izunome Group, and Toho no Hikari Group. But remember this – God holds His true services in heaven existing at the center of each one of our consciousnesses. Through them, God is accomplishing His work of salvation, welcoming all to His heaven and granting forgiveness to all. These are the true services we must attend. In fact, God has allowed us to attend them, so let us, together with all humanity and all things, express our gratitude to God through Meishu-sama that we are being used by God in His great work of salvation through these services.

Now, we feel like we live in this world, but it is not the only world we live in. It is true that we possess a physical body but it is not everything – we also possess a spiritual body. To tell you the truth, it is because we have a spiritual body that we have our physical body. What are these spiritual bodies we have? They are the divine spirits that God, along with the spirits of all things, bore in heaven, in the world of origin and the world where the creation of all the universe takes place. To them, to each and every one of the divine spirits, God endowed the name of Messiah. This spiritual body is our true essence. There is no denying that we possess the created world, namely the earth with its time, space and dimension. But more importantly, within us, we possess the world to create, namely heaven.

The purpose of God’s creation is to make all humanity His own children – Messiahs. This purpose, this will of God, is engraved in our souls and in the spirits of all things in the natural world. From birth, each and every one of us, without exception, possesses heaven within us and is a “resident of heaven,” as Meishu-sama teaches us. We carry with us the forgiveness and salvation embedded in the name of Messiah.

Being with Meishu-sama and being united to the body of God, we exist to serve in God’s work of creation both spiritually and physically. We are one body with God both in spirit and in flesh. If we are breathing now, it means that God is breathing within us. If we see, hear and feel something, it means that God sees it, hears it and feels it within us. God uses everything that we think are ours: our senses, hearts, minds, intellects and even our breath. He uses all of these to advance His work of saving all humanity in order to accomplish His purpose of creation.

Through us and in the name of Messiah, God is trying to forgive, save, and welcome all kinds of feelings and thoughts we have such as our agony and distress, our joy and happiness. God uses our feelings and thoughts to advance this work of saving all humanity and all ancestors precisely because we are one body with God. Thus, for us to see, hear, feel and think something, is the very proof that we are being used in God’s work of salvation. In other words, to save humanity, God needs each and every one of us. He needs us just as we are, undisguised, unpretentious and honest.

In one of his hymns, Meishu-sama writes: “No matter how great the work of the Almighty God is, He accomplishes it through the bodies of humans. He saves people through us!” Even we – humans – are able to serve in God’s work of salvation! But do bear in mind that we can serve in this great work of salvation only because we were made to know through Meishu-sama that the name of Messiah exists within each one of us.

It is through the name of Messiah that God carries out His work of creation, giving birth and life to all things. And it is through this holy name that God welcomes back all things into His heaven – this also is His work of creation. In this way, God brings forth all things through the name of Messiah and welcomes them back through that name every single moment, without rest.

The existence known to us as “the Messiah” is a being that is one with God and is His child. It is also a mediator and intermediary between God and we humans in the unceasing and eternal work of God’s creation. Salvation can be delivered only through the name of Messiah because this name mediates between God and humans. This is the very reason why we must, in the name of Messiah, surrender everything we see and hear, feel and think to God through Meishu-sama in its undisguised form. We must surrender it all as something that is forgiven and saved with the sense of surrendering the whole of ourselves. Surrender it with the thought, “God, please, could you receive this as Your glory?” because I know that this will make God and Meishu-sama happy.

God, through Meishu-sama, is calling us back to His heaven always, and is trying hard to make us recall the divine spirit each one of us received in heaven – the spirit named Messiah. He wants us to recall that we were sent to the earth with this divine spirit, are here to save all humanity, and create the future of God on this earth. If we could recall this message of God now, that “now” would become the moment of a lifetime for the salvation, first, of ourselves, second, of all humanity, and, third, of all the ancestors as well as all of our descendants who are to come to this earth.

We feel like we are living our own life, but no, we live our life because God lives within us. To God, we must say, “Because You live, I live!” God sustains us, maintains us and makes us grow. He prepares our way forward and cleans up after us. He never ever leaves us alone and is with us always. Arrogantly, we say to Him that we cannot feel His existence, yet He forgives us, saying, “Even though you think that I am not with you, I am and I will always be with you.” In short, God loves us no matter what.

This is the God Meishu-sama called the “Lord God,” and He is the one and only God who governs both heaven and earth. This one and only Lord God is our true Father. The true Father for Meishu-sama is the true Father for us his followers and for all humans on earth. We, therefore, are children of the Lord God without exception and are united as one under Him as brothers and sisters. Were we not the brothers and sisters of Meishu-sama when we were in heaven? Of course, we were!

Out of our arrogance, we forgot our true Father who bore us in heaven and forgot the purpose of life. We have been living our lives in a way we see fit. Yet God forgave us. And it was Meishu-sama who came to this earth, awoke to God’s forgiveness, repented on behalf of all humanity, returned to heaven, and was born anew as the child of the Lord God, as the Messiah. Are we a “follower” of Meishu-sama? If so, we can follow in his footsteps, and also repent, receive God’s forgiveness, return to heaven and be born anew. Why is this possible? Because the Lord God determined this a long time ago when we were in heaven with Him. We were predestined to be forgiven, return to heaven and live with God. How immense is His forgiveness! How great is His blessing! Meishu-sama has brought this gospel of heaven to us, and we must thank him and praise the name of Messiah and God who is one with this holy name.

As we just saw in the short film, the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s Messiah will be offered to God by more than 300 members in the upcoming Paradise on Earth Service. I hear that it will continue to be performed in the future from time to time but currently, it seems that, compared to women, there are a rather few numbers of men participating in the choir. We of course continue to welcome more women to participate but to men in particular, I want to say, come on! Give it a try!

I am truly looking forward to Meishu-sama’s delight from the offering of the “Hallelujah” chorus and to praising the glorious work of God through this chorus together with those who are in the choir.

We were chosen by Meishu-sama to become pioneers of knowing the true faith and salvation of Meishu-sama. With Meishu-sama leading the way, from this Grand Spring Service onward, let us move forward, unwaveringly and with perseverance, and serve in the ever new work of salvation that progresses ever so tirelessly, steadily and swiftly.

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