Grand Spring Service

Five tanka poems were selected from a pool of 270 poem offerings from participants all over Japan to be sung at the Grand Spring Service.

At today’s Grand Spring Service,
Together with all of creation,
I promised to serve in the new divine work of salvation.
Izunome Group, Aichi Pref.

The noble divine work of Meishu-sama spreads
And the seeds of faith sprout throughout the world.
Su no Hikari Kyodan, Tottori Pref.

Receiving the forgiveness within the name of Messiah,
I determined in my heart to go forward
As a resident of heaven.
Izunome Group, Okayama Pref.

We, who gather in the presence of God –
He regards each and every one of us
As one follower.
Izunome Group, Aichi Pref.

Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,
We walk on the true path
That you, Meishu-sama, are revealing to us.
Izunome Group, Aichi Pref.

Other Poems

Ten other tanka poems were also selected to be printed in the Grand Spring Service program from the same pool of poem offerings.

It is now.
I must deliver Jesus Christ’s wish –
His wish to convey the heart of God, our Father –
To the people of the world.
Izunome Group, Osaka Pref.

Now is the time I offer my heart
My heart that has been illuminated
By the light and love of God.
Izunome Group, Aichi Pref.

In my caregiving,
I have various thoughts and feelings.
When I surrender them to God,
My heart becomes light
And I am filled with smiles.
Izunome Group, Okayama Pref.

Being the pioneers,
The time has come to spread far and wide
The glory of the name of Messiah.
Izunome Group, Hyogo Pref.

The Sacred Grounds
Is something that exists within me.
And so wherever I may go,
The Sacred Grounds is there.
Izunome Group, Tokushima Pref.

I acknowledge it!
The Messiah that is within me
And that is within all things.
Izunome Group, Mie Pref.

As I walk outside
And meet the people I personally hand [the leaflet] to
My heart dances.
Izunome Group, Yamaguchi Pref.

We who gather
And serve in the divine work of the great God
Are all Kyoshu-sama-centered.
Izunome Group, Kanagawa Pref.

The end of night –
We must convey this to the deepest part of our hearts,
Within the forgiveness of the Great God of Light.
Izunome Group, Ehime Pref.

The time is ripe
For all humanity to be saved.
God’s divine work is speedy.
Su no Hikari Kyodan, Shiga Pref.

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