On April 19 (local time), Kyoshu-sama attended a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental Miami with staff ministers of Izunome Association, USA, represented by Acting President, Rev. Paulo Santos. Kyoshu-sama’s wife, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama were also present.

After Kyoshu-sama first delivered a greeting, he friendlily answered questions from the participants, and gave guidance on how it is possible for each and every one of us to be born anew as Messiah just as Meishu-sama did. And by having the conviction that the life and body of God are within us, a special atmosphere is created which influence many people, thus, God gathers the necessary people around us. He also spoke about how he would like for them to spread “Words of Light,” “Our Pledge” and “Words of Prayer” and utilize the leaflet, “Who We Are: We were born on earth to become children of God.”

Also, Kyoshu-sama spoke frankly about what he felt through this time’s church purification. To those words, ministers were moved to tears, and again, felt deep emotion.

Next, Masaaki-sama spoke about how we may have the illusion of how great the salvation of America and all of humanity is, but in reality, only small things exist. We alone cannot change the world overnight – it is the accumulation of each small thing we do with sincerity that ultimately lead to something greater.

After the meeting ended, the staff ministers of the USA were permitted to have a meeting over dinner with Kyoshu-sama. They received guidance from Kyoshu-sama, going deeper into various matters. Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama also directly conveyed their thoughts to them, making it a very meaningful meeting.

The staff ministers of America strengthened their feelings of being one heart with Kyoshu-sama on this path of divine work hereafter, ending the day with fiery emotion.

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