On April 20, Kyoshu-sama attended a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental Miami with the staff ministers, lay ministers and ikebana instructors of Izunome Association, USA. His wife Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama were also present.

After two members read aloud their reports, Kyoshu-sama spoke about his feelings regarding the sequence of events that led to his message delivered at the Beginning of Spring Service on February 4 two years ago, while looking back at the church purification from 35 years ago.

Next, Masaaki-sama stood to give a greeting and talked about the realization he had with this church purification – for the longest time he thought that he stood up for Kyoshu-sama in order to protect him. But actually, it was Kyoshu-sama who protected him (Masaaki-sama) all this time so that he would be able to get closer to God and Meishu-sama’s will.

In the question and answer session, Kyoshu-sama replied to two questions from members. He gave guidance on how Johrei is not just for curing illness, but an important work of God that He prepared for us in order to turn our hearts to the heaven we were born in. Also, when we arrange flowers, we arrange them in order for us to recognize that regardless of the place they are arranged, God’s kingdom is within all things, God is within all things.

Afterward, at a lunch meeting held at the same hotel, members who participated directly conveyed their impressions to Kyoshu-sama with tears in their eyes, asked further questions and more. In a warm atmosphere from beginning to end, all were permitted to learn and feel deep emotion.

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