Kyoshu-sama’s Message
Grand Spring Service & International Membership Conference USA
Miami, Florida, April 21, 2019 

Good morning everyone and congratulations on the Grand Spring Service and International Membership Conference USA.

From all over the world, you have come to Miami to truly seek Meishu-sama, and I am very happy to meet you like this in person today.


Now, I would like to talk about the question of our origin. Where did we come from? Where is our starting point?

The God of Meishu-sama – God who Meishu-sama called the Lord God –  is the one and only God and is the Creator of everything and everyone.

Before setting out on His work of creation, the Lord God first prepared heaven, that is, the world where the work of creation takes place.

It is in this heaven that God bore us.

Our origin is in heaven and our true Father is God.

From heaven, God created all things and, through them, He formed human consciousness. He created human beings, each possessing a unique and distinct sense of self.

Why did God give us our sense of self? He gave it to us so that we can return to heaven, our origin, once more, and be welcomed as God’s children. He gave us our sense of self so that we can be granted eternal life, and live with God, our true Father, once more.

Even so, while we lived on earth, we forgot where we came from and treated our life, soul, and consciousness as if they were our own. We made judgements according to our own standards and lived a life to improve our own value in this world.

We considered that we were better than others. We were arrogant and conceited.

We, thus, became sinful in the eyes of God, yet we continued to act wickedly. We tried to take control of others – sometimes we won, sometimes we lost. We lived in a world of struggle and strife, and we suffered and suffered. There was no way we were able to come out of this endless conflict among ourselves. We were in a helpless state where any human effort or any attempt to change our way of living proved to be of no use.

Yet God did not abandon us. With His saving act, we were allowed to encounter Meishu-sama and come to know that the Transition from Night to Day was accomplished.

The Lord God forgave our sins, delivered us from the world of darkness, and welcomed us into His glory, into His glorious heaven.

The reason for this is because He wants to make us His very own children.

How deep is God’s love. How immense is His grace! Isn’t this the love of our true Father?

I am convinced that what Meishu-sama wished to share so strongly was this love and grace of God with as many people as possible.

That is why Meishu-sama devoted his life to divine work in order for us to remember where we came from and who our true Father is.

He taught us many, many times and with all his heart and soul that each one of us who possesses an individual sense of self must voluntarily open up our hearts, remember the heaven within, repent, receive God’s forgiveness, and return to heaven as ones whose sins are forgiven.

And it was this Meishu-sama who finally, in his very last years on earth, announced the fact that “the Messiah was born” within him. He told us that it was not a reincarnation but “to be born anew.”

As you all know, Meishu-sama taught us on the “law of the spirit preceding the physical.” Isn’t the fact that Meishu-sama proclaimed the birth of the Messiah on this earth the very proof that God bore the souls named Messiah in heaven, in the world of our origin?

I would like you to know that it is only because we received the soul named Messiah in heaven that we could be born on this earth.

For us and on behalf of all humanity, Meishu-sama repented and received the forgiveness of sins. To God, Meishu-sama surrendered his physical and limited life, and also surrendered the human-made notion that “all humans die.” Meishu-sama was then able to resurrect in an eternal and new life of the Messiah.

Unexpectedly, today is Easter, the day celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To atone the sins of all humanity, Jesus was crucified. Yet he rose from the dead, resurrected, and became the Christ, the Messiah.

Meishu-sama, through being born anew as the Messiah, made us realize that the will of God in sending Meishu-sama to the earth and God’s will to send Jesus to the earth were one.

Meishu-sama awakened us to the fact that the name of Messiah is not prepared only for the Jewish people and Christians.

All humanity, without exception, can be born anew as children of God named Messiah and be granted the eternal life of God.

With His authority, the Lord God who governs both heaven and earth decided this a long time ago.

God is now guiding and nurturing us through using each one of our consciousnesses to make us His children, to fulfill what He decided in heaven.

Thanks to Meishu-sama, we are able to recall the unlimited love of God who is our true Father and the gospel we initially received in heaven.

I believe in this gospel. I believe that this “gospel of heaven” is the true salvation, happiness, and joy that can be shared with all humanity, going beyond the boundaries of religion, race, and language.

Offering my utmost gratitude to Meishu-sama, I am determined to serve in this entirely new work of salvation together with all of you and with Meishu-sama leading us in the forefront.

I am also determined to acknowledge that everything that happens in my life is the manifestation of God’s glory, authority and grace, and to attribute it all to God in the name of Messiah.

Thank you very much.

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