On April 24 (local time), Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama visited the Los Angeles Johrei Center, where many of the local members gathered to meet them.

First, with Kyoshu-sama leading, everyone prayed the Amatsu Norito. After everyone received Johrei from Kyoshu-sama, Rev. Paulo Santos, Acting President of Izunome Association, USA, stood to give a greeting and spoke words of appreciation to Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama for their visit.

Then, Kyoshu-sama stood to deliver a greeting and touched upon the Grand Spring Service and International Membership Conference-USA that was held in Miami and spoke about how it was a moving event. He also spoke about the various incidents, accidents and natural disasters we usually see and hear in the news, as well as the things that we feel and think as one of the concerned persons involved and how that is God letting us know that the cause of all of that has been forgiven. Kyoshu-sama gave guidance that to surrender all of that to God in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, is our task.

Next, Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama were each presented a gift from the members and great applause arose from the congregation. Everyone at the Johrei Center was very excited as Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama gave hugs and handshakes.

As Kyoshu-sama and his delegation set out to return home on the 25th, Kyoshu-sama’s first missionary visit to the United States, one of countless lessons and deep emotions, came to a close.

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