Ministers of Su no Hikari Church and Izunome Group in charge of churches around Japan all gathered together to hold a meeting the day after the Grand Spring Service on March 31 at Osaka’s Breezé Plaza to welcome Kyoshu-sama. His wife Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sana also were present.

After greetings from President of Su no Hikari Church, Rev. Narii; President of Izunome Group, Rev. Shirasawa; and President of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Rev. Nakadomari, the announcement of personnel appointments took place. Next, two church directors representing the participants, Su no Hikari Church Tokushima Region’s Rev. Yoshihiko Goto and Izunome Group Osaka Church’s Rev. Kunihiko Higuchi, presented their declaration of determination.

Next, Masaaki-sama stood to give a greeting, and spoke with passion about how in order to go forward on this entirely new path of faith with this entirely new organization, we can no longer proceed with ambiguous thoughts and feelings. We must receive the truth of the name of Messiah left for us by Meishu-sama, the salvation of all humanity and of all religions that has never happened before in the history of humanity; the true salvation that God has entrusted to us.

At the end, Kyoshu-sama delivered a message, and boldly spoke that for us to become true children of God, to be born anew as Messiahs, is the manifestation of God shown to us through Meishu-sama himself, that our hearts belong to Meishu-sama who was born anew as Messiah. Great applause arose from the venue and for a while, it continued as many were very moved.

Staff ministers who were issued an appointment, taking today’s determination to heart, took a step forward [on this path] of an entirely new structure.

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