May Monthly Service
Greeting from Rev. Shirasawa, President of Izunome Group
Su no Hikari Kyodan Headquarters
May 3, 2019

My sincere congratulations, everyone, on the May Monthly Service.


On the first of May, Crown Prince Naruhito made his accession to the throne and ushered in the new era of Reiwa. For us Japanese, we have reached a historical time of great transformation. However, I feel that this means that not only Japan, but also the world, has approached a great crossroads – it is a symbolic event – of how humanity will continue its course in this new era of the 21st century.

In that kind of setting, as one who is together in thought with Kyoshu-sama, it is truly reassuring, and I am sincerely grateful that all of you are walking the path of becoming a true child of God, that is, to be born anew as a Messiah, with the motto “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama” having Meishu-sama as our example.

Welcome everyone, who has come from all over the country to attend today’s service.

I am sincerely grateful that just now, under the prayers of Kyoshu-sama who presides over all rituals and ceremonies, we had the permission to solemnly hold the service.

First, I would like to introduce to you our distinguished guests, Mr. and Mrs. Kunihiko Muroi of the Japanese Diet. Mr. Muroi and Mrs. Muroi, if you may, please stand.

Thank you very much.

I believe all of you already know, but Mr. Muroi just like us, walks the path “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama.” He has been supporting us in ways seen and unseen.

This year in July, the House election is taking place. I would like for us at Izunome Group to support Mr. Muroi who walks together with Kyoshu-sama so that he may continue to be active at the national level of government. I please ask all members, all of you, for your support and cooperation.

I believe it is still fresh in your memory, but last year, we sent in our signatures petitioning the Agency for Cultural Affairs, adamantly set against revisions to the bylaws of Sekai Kyusei Kyo.

The contents were as follows:

It is believed that the likes of Mr. Nagasawa and Mr. Kobayashi have ignored the bylaws and church rules and are attempting to produce a Kyoshu that can be controlled at will. This is a crisis that will result in the collapse of the church and we simply cannot allow this kind of outrage. To the agency, we earnestly petition you to absolutely not recognize revisions to the bylaws with the approval of a person who self-proclaims himself as new Kyoshu.

With that, the number of signatures of those who signed reached more than 40,000. It is clear to anyone that many members want Sekai Kyusei Kyo to be guided in the right direction.

To all the members that signed and shared the same thoughts as us, once again, I am truly grateful. My sincere gratitude to you all.

Unfortunately, the contents of the letter we signed has now become a reality.

Just ten days ago at the end of April, the illegitimate Board of Executive Directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo umbrella corporation have applied for revisions to the church bylaws at the Agency for Cultural Affairs with a Certificate of Approval from Mr. “Nobuyuki Okada” or Mr. Nobuyuki Watase, the self-named new “Kyoshu,” a scholar of Hinduism and a trustee of an organization related to MOA.

Toho no Hikari/MOA and the executives under Mr. Kobayashi are trying to make the government recognize this new “Kyoshu,” which can be nothing else other than their attempt to take complete control over Sekai Kyusei Kyo with the puppet Kyoshu.

We refuse to recognize Mr. Nobuyuki Watase as Sekai Kyusei Kyo’s Kyoshu, whose face we do not know even now. It is believed that the response from the Agency for Cultural Affairs comes within three months. However, in order to clearly show our stance, Izunome Group, together with Su no Hikari Kyodan, are, once again, proceeding with a large-scale, world-wide signature-collecting campaign.

The forms for the signatures are being prepared and will be sent to all of your centers within a few days. To all of you, members around the world, by all means, we wish to receive your understanding and concerted efforts.

Now, just a moment ago, we heard from [AM] Mr. Iwao Kumazaki from the Chita Minami Johrei Center of the Chubu Region and [PM] Ms. Kayo Ito from Uwajima Higashi Johrei Center of the Western Region, who reported their important realizations and joy that they received through Kyoshu-sama’s guidance. I regard their reports as blessings each and every one of us has received, and together in thought, I reported them to God. Thank you very much.

Now then, last month from April 15 through 26, Kyoshu-sama took a missionary visit to the United States, where the Grand Spring Service and International Membership Conference – USA took place in Miami, Florida. News on the event has been posted one after another on our website and Facebook Page. For Kyoshu-sama, Mayumi-okusama and Masaaki-sama, they were able to personally interact with the members and strongly bring our attention to our mission of conveying to the whole world Meishu-sama’s true wish embedded in the founding of his church World Church of Messiah, that is, the salvation, the happiness that humanity is united to the name of Messiah as a true child of God. With the motto, “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,” all the members pledged to serve in this entirely new phase of divine work that is unfolding at a global scale.

President Narii and I accompanied them the entire time, and we strongly felt the indication that through Kyoshu-sama, Meishu-sama’s truth would finally be conveyed to the world.

At the upcoming Paradise on Earth Service, please look forward to the video presenting his visit.

Last year on May 1, Izunome Group was established. However, we are able to hold services like these only because we have received a position within the religious corporation Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan. We also took in many members as well as staff members, received a new divine scroll (goshintai), opening of centers became possible, and we have been given permission to serve in this entirely new phase of divine work. This would not have been possible without the understanding and combined efforts of President of Sekai Kyusei Kyo, Rev. Nakadomari, President of Su no Hikari Kyodan, Rev. Narii and everyone at Su no Hikari Kyodan who received us and opened and sustained the pathway of coordination and collaboration. Here, once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the executives, staff and members of Su no Hikari Kyodan with President Narii at the forefront. Thank you very much.

When I look back on this past year of Izunome Group, we have been permitted to constantly determine and advance various matters through Kyoshu-sama’s guidance. And without any obstacles, Kyoshu-sama has been able to interact with all the members and convey Meishu-sama’s true wish. And through Kyoshu-sama, we were able to know God’s true will of making humanity His own children. We no less freed ourselves from our old ways of being and it was a year that we could actually experience the materialization of an entirely new Kyoshu-centered divine work. I believe that this was a major switchover from a human-centered way of being to a God-centered way of being.

What kind of religious group is Su no Hikari Kyodan and we of Izunome Group? President Narii clearly says the following:

We are a religious group that, in order to receive Meishu-sama’s truth, we make Kyoshu-sama’s guidance the one and only, absolute guidepost and we serve single-mindedly in God’s entirely new work of salvation.

I would like for each and every one of us to once again, engrave this matter into our hearts. Uniting with Su no Hikari Kyodan and coordinating and collaborating in all aspects under the guidance of Kyoshu-sama, I wish to further unify our ways.

Here, I would like to report the following two points to you.

The first is regarding the new mitamaya (home ancestral altar) and goreiji (family name marker).

The second is regarding the Monthly Services at the Sacred Grounds.

First, I will explain the new mitamaya and goreiji.

For Izunome Group, we received permission to have the Daikomyo Divine Scroll in churches starting this year. Receiving Kyoshu-sama’s guidance, we understood that the one and only God, the true parent of our lives, exists within us.

And under the guidance of Kyoshu-sama and on this path of true salvation of Meishu-sama, “an entirely new faith,” we have received a new mitamaya and goreiji.

All of our ancestors are alive within us. Receiving God’s will, together with us, they are serving God. And they are always together with us in God’s nurture for us to become true children of God.

This time’s change in the presentation of enshrinement is to reflect the thought that we serve together and move hand-in-hand with each passing day with our all ancestors in the work of salvation embedded in the name of Messiah.

Also, this mitamaya and goreiji may be received by those who do not have a divine scroll dedicated in their homes.

We exist now because of our ancestors. Let us place importance on this fact and renew our joy in walking this path of becoming a true child of God, together with all our ancestors.

Today, the new mitamaya and goreiji are being displayed so I would like for you to take a look.

Next is regarding Monthly Services at the Sacred Grounds.

Until now, Su no Hikari Kyodan and Izunome Group have been holding Monthly Services separately. However, with the Grand Services and Ohikari Receiving Ceremonies already being held jointly, we will now be holding Monthly Services at the Sacred Grounds together on the first of the month, starting this July. Along with this, the Ancestors Services will also take place together with the Monthly Services. From all of you, I ask for your understanding and cooperation in the direction we will be going from here on to become more unified with Su no Hikari Kyodan and further divine work.

Currently, we are discussing and considering various other points. With each new matter, we will notify you. Thank you.

Now, under the motto, “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,” many members of the world are just as much walking the path of the true salvation that Meishu-sama is revealing through Kyoshu-sama’s guidance.

As ones who are strongly united to Meishu-sama who received the holy name of Messiah together with all of humanity and all of creation, we have been allowed to awaken to the name of Messiah shining brilliantly within each and every one of us and to know the truth that we are receiving the nurture of God so that we may be born anew as a true child of God.

It is precisely this awakening, this realization, that is God’s forgiveness, Him giving us a once in a lifetime chance of salvation, a great blessing.

We of Su no Hikari Kyodan and Izunome Group have received the mission to proclaim to the whole world the true wish with which Meishu-sama founded World Church of Messiah, that is, Meishu-sama’s final conclusion that he himself experienced of being born anew as the Messiah – the essence and good news of the long-awaited salvation of all of humanity. For that reason, we are the pioneers of humanity who know this truth and the reason why we exist here.

Everyone, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, let us unfalteringly walk this path of salvation. And with our motto, “Always one heart with Kyoshu-sama,” let us take to heart the great hope of being born anew, and with Kyoshu-sama standing at the forefront, let us move forward full of life!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the Paradise on Earth service in Numazu.

Thank you very much.

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