From May 11th through the 12th, Kyoshu-sama visited the Nagoya Sakae Johrei Center in the Chubu Region and attended the Ohikari Receiving Ceremony on the 11th and the Chubu Region Membership Meeting on the 12th.

At the Ohikari Receiving Ceremony on the 11th, Kyoshu-sama presented the Ohikari to those from the Shikoku and Kyushu regions, as well as those from all over the country who gathered together.

At the Chubu Region Membership Meeting on the 12th, Kyoshu-sama’s wife Mayumi-okusama and his successor Masaaki-sama were also present with approximately 450 people who gathered from all over the country. Masaaki-sama stood to give a greeting and pointed out various examples of just how much Meishu-sama was conscious of Christianity. And with conviction, he spoke about how now, through Kyoshu-sama, we are becoming the true selves that Meishu-sama was wishing for, and boldly explained to us that to be “always one heart with Kyoshu-sama” is the path that corresponds with Meishu-sama’s true wish.

Next, Kyoshu-sama delivered a message. As he referenced Meishu-sama’s Inaugural Statement from the founding of Sekai Meshiya Kyo (World Church of Messiah) in 1950 on Risshun (Beginning of Spring, February 4), he described with care what he felt about Meishu-sama’s will at the time of the founding and emergence of his new religious organization, World Church of Messiah, under a new direction and objective, united as one.
Furthermore, he pointed out that now is the time when we can dive into this new direction and objective and with Meishu-sama at the forefront, serve in God’s work of accomplishing the salvation of humanity with His Great Divine power that the Messiah exercises, together with all members, all humanity and all of creation.

Afterwards, too, Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama personally answered questions asked by members. With occasional laughter echoing from the venue and in a harmonious atmosphere from beginning to end, they gave guidance.

Members who participated received various realizations and felt deeply moved in their direct exchanges with Kyoshu-sama and renewed their determination in conveying the true message of salvation to the people “to be born anew as true children of God, Messiahs.”

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