Greeting by Masaaki-sama
July Monthly Service & International Membership Conference – Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 7, 2019

Good morning, everyone! How are you?

My Portuguese is not very good, but today I would like to communicate to you my thoughts and feelings in Portuguese? Is that okay?


As you all know, Kyoshu-sama, for a very long time, has been teaching us that to be born anew as the Messiah is the most important teaching of Meishu-sama. Kyoshu-sama has been telling us that being born anew as the Messiah was the conclusion of the work of Meishu-sama; the conclusion of all that Meishu-sama taught us; and the conclusion of Meishu-sama’s life.

We are followers of Meishu-sama, right? If that is the case, our mission, our mission as his followers is, of course, to follow his path, isn’t it? I believe we need to follow Meishu-sama 100 percent. Yes, 100 percent. The conclusion of the life of Meishu-sama was to be born anew as the Messiah. That is why I believe we also need to aim to be born anew as Messiahs, just like Meishu-sama had achieved.

For us followers of Meishu-sama, if he asks us whether or not we are walking toward the true salvation of being born anew as Messiahs, we must be able to respond to him: “Yes!” If we say so, Meishu-sama will be happy.

For us, the happiness of Meishu-sama is our happiness, and that is why I think it is really important for us to aim to be born anew as Messiahs, as Kyoshu-sama is teaching us now.

But I think there is one question we have to respond to. If we want to use the name Messiah, we cannot escape the question regarding the existence of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus Christ for us?

When we say to the world that we are trying to be born anew as Messiahs, many people around the world will ask us, “Who, then, is Jesus Christ for you?”

I think we need to have an answer to this question.

In the past, there was a time when we said that Meishu-sama was the Messiah of the present age and that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of the past. At one stage in the past, we held this idea. But, if this really were true, does that mean that someone will arrive 2000 years later and become the Messiah?

I don’t think so. I believe that Meishu-sama is and will always be the Messiah. Jesus Christ also is and will always be the Messiah.

And not only that. Not only Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ. Kyoshu-sama is now guiding us, saying that each one of us within us possesses a soul of God named Messiah.

So, to be born anew as the Messiah is the mission of a human being. It is not only Meishu-sama, Jesus Christ and us, but all humanity has the mission to be born anew as Messiahs.

Brazil is a Christian country, and the majority of its people are Christians. For the Brazilian people, Jesus Christ is the only Messiah. But, among the Brazilian people, I believe there are those who are waiting for this truth that each one of us has the soul of God named Messiah.

I believe that your mission, our mission, is to bring this truth to the people of Brazil and to the whole world. I am certain that the Brazilians are waiting for this message – the true message of Meishu-sama.

But this is not the true message of Meishu-sama only. Jesus Christ wants this message to be spread, too. God wants it, too.

Our mission is very, very grave. We are able to fulfill the will of Meishu-sama, of Jesus Christ, and of God. We have the mission to carry this message to the whole of the Brazilian people and to humanity.

For us, today is a very important day in which we will make a decision to walk this path of true salvation that Meishu-sama left for us. I believe that Meishu-sama is very happy now. I believe that Jesus Christ and God are also very happy now, because, finally, the time has come! The time has come when the true will of God will be fulfilled finally.

Kyoshu-sama opened this path for us, because we forgot this fact – the fact that Meishu-sama was born anew as the Messiah.

Perhaps, we knew this but we had not thought that this was something important for us, too. We thought, for a very long time, that being born anew as Messiah was something only for Meishu-sama. But Kyoshu-sama is now telling us that we also need to follow this path of Meishu-sama, follow the example of Jesus Christ, and be born anew as true children of God.

I am determined to walk this path with you and I believe that our future is bright.

Thank you.


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