Kyoshu-sama’s Message
July Monthly Service & International Membership Conference – Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil
July 7, 2019

Congratulations, everyone, on today’s July Monthly Service & International Membership Conference – Brazil.

Together with all of you who have gathered here in Sao Paulo from all over Brazil and various regions of the world, we are holding today’s service. I am filled with deep emotion to be sharing together with all of you, the joy of meeting like this in person and for this day to have arrived.

Last year on October 12, here in Brazil, Igreja Mundial do Messias (World Church of Messiah) was established, being the first in the world to do so.

This was only possible with the single-hearted passion and efforts of Rev. Nagae, President of the church, and those working with him, who overcame many difficulties and who wanted to walk the path of true salvation revealed by Meishu-sama, in any way possible. For this, I am sincerely grateful.

To President Nagae and those who stood up with him, thank you very much.

This World Church of Messiah, Sekai Meshiya Kyo in Japanese, was the name of the new church that Meishu-sama established on February 4, 1950 by dissolving two existing churches.

At the time, Meishu-sama was emphatic in saying that this newly established church was not the expression of his own will, but rather, the expression of God’s will. And believing that we had entered a new phase, he wanted for us to fulfill our mission as a new church for the salvation of all humanity, working in concert with Christianity.

I believe that all of you members of Brazil who gathered here today have determined to become members of this newly established World Church of Messiah in Brazil, and are ones who have made your intentions clear. I am greatly encouraged by this and express my most heartfelt gratitude.

My heart is filled with deep emotion to meet all of you like this today, to think about the journey that you have walked up until now, and to see so many of you right in front of my eyes, who decided to share the same thoughts as I in order to walk the path of an entirely new faith that Meishu-sama is revealing to us.

And at the same time, in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, I offer my utmost gratitude to God, who with His great love, is nurturing and firmly guiding us.

When we look back on our life of faith, even though we knew the existence of God, I think our image of Him was very vague, especially because we cannot hear His voice and see His form. I think we have been believing in God simply because we felt we had to do so.

For a long time, in our daily lives, we were preoccupied by what was happening around us and found it difficult to truly turn our hearts to God. Even when we were able to think of God at times, we usually thought of how God was going to fulfill our wishes and needs and had seldom thought of what God’s wishes were and what He was thinking.

Yes, it is true that we exclaimed to the world that our mission was to “construct Heaven on Earth” and “save humanity” but our understanding of what heaven was and what salvation was were quite limited. I think we were wishing to create a heavenly world on earth for humans and not for God.

Also, we have been judging the work of God with our own criteria and at our own convenience. We only needed God when we were in trouble and we thanked God, Meishusama and people around us only when our wishes came true.

Our prayers, gratitude, faith and practices had been selfish. They were human-centered.

But Meishu-sama came into this world to open up our stubborn hearts.

Through Meishu-sama, God has brought us into an entirely new world!

Meishu-sama made us realize that we were human-centered, selfish and not obedient to God.

At the same time, Meishu-sama taught us that the light of God is within us and that our life is in fact the life of God. Meishu-sama reconstructed our hearts into humble hearts so that we can believe that God is using us always.

He urged us to realize that our true mission is to seek God and serve Him.

For a long time, we have been stubborn toward God, we were conceited and we disrespected Him. But, with His unfailing love, God has forgiven us and tried to make us become better so that we can turn our hearts to God in our daily lives, even if just a little.

How immense is the forgiveness of our Father. How deep is His love!

God is being compassionate and merciful to us only because He wants to make us His own children.

Meishu-sama was born into this world and, just like us, received a name – Mokichi Okada. His life, as you all know, was filled with difficulties and hardships.

But in the middle of his life, he found God, and he began to have a firm conviction that God in fact lives within him. From then on, Meishu-sama devoted his life to spreading this truth to as many people as possible. In short, he surrendered his life to God.

Then, 65 years ago, in 1954, a year before he left the earth and while suffering from the pain of a brain stroke, Meishu-sama announced that he was “born anew.” He emphasized that “it is different from reincarnation,” but that he was “born anew” and that “the Messiah has been born.”

I believe that, through this, Meishu-sama became a true child of God who could serve in, succeed and carry out the divine work of God.

The one and only God, the Lord God, who is the Creator, lives.

He lives within each one of us.

But it is nearly impossible for us to perceive this and say out loud with conviction that “the Lord God lives within me.”

This is not something we can understand with human wisdom or reasoning.

The purpose of God’s creations is to bear His own children, that is, for us to be newly born and become His children.

Meishu-sama left us many things – the teachings regarding the construction of Heaven on Earth and the salvation of humanity; many other teachings and hymns; Johrei, Nature Farming and Art; his living examples. But there is only one wish of God that permeates through all of these things, and that is to make us be born anew as His true children.

God prepared politics, economics, religions of the world, science, various philosophies and ideas. God prepared them for one reason, and that is to make us be born anew as His true children.

Everything comes from God. Every word comes from God.

Everything exists so that God can manifest Himself through it all.

We exist for God – for Him to manifest through us.

Meishu-sama was born anew as a child of God.

Meishu-sama fulfilled what he was asked by God to do on earth by being born anew.

And now, in heaven, with God, he is serving in the divine work of manifesting God’s will to all.

And with Meishu-sama at the center, God is also using us so that God can manifest through us, too.

God needs us. He needs each and every single one of us.

That is why we were led to meet Meishu-sama and entrusted with a mission and role to serve God.

We should not just rely and depend on Meishu-sama and pray for ourselves. We have come to this world to follow Meishu-sama – to follow Meishu-sama and be born once more as true children of God. If we are following Meishu-sama, we are not destined to reincarnate but to be born anew! Remember: Meishu-sama was born anew as our example and
predecessor so that we can also follow in his footsteps and become true children of God.

I would like to say to you that this is not an imaginary story.

In fact, God already decided that He would make us His true children well before the creation of the universe.

Now, it is up to each one of us – each one of you – to decide whether you want to live on this path set by God and Meishu-sama. Even if you feel that you cannot make this decision, ask God to make you be able to grow into ones who can make this decision.

Do not live in a small, small dream. Why not aspire for something big?

Otherwise what is the point of coming into this world?

We can be a child of God!

We can acquire eternal life! We can serve in the divine work of forgiving, purifying, saving and making all things new!

Nothing is greater than being able to serve in this true will of God, is there?

65 years ago, when Meishu-sama announced that he was born anew as the Messiah, the very first words he spoke at the time was, “On my part, I have become much younger.” He uttered these words even though he was not recovering from the symptoms of the brain stroke. He did not just say, “I have become much younger,” but he included the words “on my part.” Through adding the words “on my part,” I believe that Meishu-sama was casting a question to us, “how about on your part? Have you become younger like me?”

If we believe that he is asking this question to us, I think we must respond to Meishu-sama now and say, “Together with Meishu-sama, I have become much younger, too. Thank you, Meishu-sama.”

Let us respond to Meishu-sama and say these words together now, shall we?

Together with Meishu-sama, I have become much younger, too!
Thank you, Meishu-sama!

At last, we are able to give a response to Meishu-sama after 65 years.

Receiving the forgiveness of God in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishusama,our life has now been made new and young. So let us return to heaven – our beginning – together with all ancestors and all things. And with Meishu-sama, who is within us and leading, let us serve in the ever new divine work of making all things new and creating a bright and new future.

Thank you very much.

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