~ After his arrival, meeting with ministers is held ~

 On July 4, Kyoshu-sama, together with his wife Mayumi-okusama, and his successor Masaaki-sama, arrived at the Guarulhos International Airport near the city of Sao Paulo. Members, including Rev. Yoshiro Nagae, president of the church, gave them a royal welcome. And in celebration of  their first missionary visit to Brazil’s Igreja Mundial do Messias (World Church of Messiah), a colorful welcoming ceremony took place. Rev. Narii, President of Su no Hikari Kyodan and Rev. Shirasawa, President of Izunome Group, also accompanied Kyoshu-sama on his visit.

 On the evening of the delegation’s arrival, without showing a hint of their tiring long journey, they attended a friendly dinner meeting with church headquarters’ staff and their spouses.

 On the 6th, a meeting with Kyoshu-sama for staff ministers, lay ministers, Ikebana instructors, and overseas ministers was held at a hotel within the city of Sao Paulo.

 After Pres. Nagae greeted Kyoshu-sama with words of appreciation, Masaaki-sama stood to give a greeting. In Portuguese, he spoke about how at first, he thought he was protecting Kyoshu-sama, but actually, if Kyoshu-sama had not been here, we wouldn’t have been able to know Meishu-sama’s truth. He also mentioned that for Meishu-sama to tell us, “You are not my followers,” is a most frightening thing for us.

 And to be born anew as the Messiah is the truth of Meishu-sama, and owing to Kyoshu-sama’s guidance, we are able to walk this path of truth. Masaaki-sama continued that in reality, it was Kyoshu-sama who was protecting us, and great applause arose.

 Next, Kyoshu-sama delivered his message and first, spoke about what he felt as he was in the middle of this church purification.

 Next, he spoke about how Meishu-sama was born from physical parents, led his life of this world, and in conclusion, he announced that the Messiah was born within him. Meishu-sama proved through his own body that we are an existence that was granted the name of Messiah from the very beginning. Meishu-sama taught this to us, and that is why we are destined to be born anew as the Messiah, following in the footsteps of Meishu-sama.

 After Kyoshu-sama’s message came to a close with heavy thunder of applause and shouts of joy, two ministers gave their reports of gratitude. Kyoshu-sama, who listened to their reports, gave guidance from what he felt.

 After the end of the meeting, the Presentation of the Ministerial Certificates for Igreja Mundial do Messias took place. President Narii presented Kyoshi-ho* (second level) certificates to nine people and Joshi* (first level) certificates to forty people. *There are three levels of ministerial certification: Kyoshi (third), Kyoshi-ho (second) and Joshi (first), third being the highest. 


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