~ Visit to the headquarters; return to Japan ~

On July 8, Kyoshu-sama, together with his wife Mayumi-okusama, and Masaaki-sama, visited the Igreja Mundial do Messias Headquarters in the city of Sao Paulo. After praying at the altar, Rev. Nagae, president of the church, showed them around the newly remodeled office for viewing. They also took some time to interact with the staff.

On the 10th, at the finish of their entire schedule, a great number of members came to send them off as they made their way back home.

Members of Brazil who were permitted this first missionary visit as Igreja Mundial do Messias, were convinced about what Meishu-sama left for us in his final years, that “to be born anew a child of God, as the Messiah” is the essence of Meishu-sama’s salvation and took a big step toward God’s true salvation with Meishu-sama and Jesus Christ as one in order to spread this to the whole country of Brazil and to the world.

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