Under the prayers of Kyoshu-sama, who presides over all rituals and ceremonies, the Prayer for World Peace Service was held on July 1 at the Su no Hikari Kyodan Headquaters of the Atami Zuiun-kyo Sacred Grounds.

Having been decided that services taking place at the headquarters beginning from July would be held in union with Su no Hikari Kyodan and Izunome Group, many members from all over the country gathered.

The Assistant Officiant read aloud the Opening Prayer to God, written by Kyoshu-sama. Rev. Narii, President of Su no Hikari Kyodan, offered the pine branch (symbol of appreciation). Next, all the attendees prayed the Amatsu Norito and Zengen Sanji, then sang Meishu-sama’s hymns. After the teaching “Religion should be universal” was heard, everyone received Johrei from Pres. Narii.

After a report of gratitude from a member, Rev. Shirasawa, President of Izunome Group, who stood to give a greeting, declared that in order to advance this new phase of divine work, we will seek more unified ways that transcend coordination and collaboration. With unshakeable determination, he said, “Together with all of you, I wish to start anew as a church group in which Kyoshu-sama and all of us, members around the world, are able to have heart-to-heart exchanges without any obstructions and be a church in which we can seek Meishu-sama’s true wish through Kyoshu-sama’s guidance.”

Next, President Narii stood to give a greeting. He touched upon the Paradise on Earth Service that took place not too long ago, saying that owing to Kyoshu-sama’s messages and Masaaki-sama’s greetings, the divine revelation of the Transition from Night to Day, the church’s founding and the life examples of Meishu-sama that led to the “birth of the Messiah” have become one within him. He said that he realized “a straight, single path that is filled with light leading to heaven” exists within him and he boldly continued that as Kyoshu-sama has been showing us, he would like to reply to God through Meishu-sama in a big voice, “Your light, God, certainly exists within me!”

At the end, all the attendees sang loud voices, “Ieji” (Goin’ Home) with lyrics written by Kyoshu-sama, bringing the service to a close.

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