Hymns of Meishu-sama

O God, I have disobeyed You and, thus, sinned!
Repentant, I now have become one who kneels before You.


It is Your light.
It is only Your divine light, O God,
That saves the lost sheep who wander on dark paths.


Good actions –
No matter how good and right your deeds are,
If you do not know God,
Those actions are usually self-seeking.



Sacred Word of Meishu-sama

“The relationship between salvation and judgment”

Q: Meishu-sama, what is the relationship between salvation and judgment? Could you give us guidance on this point?

A: Salvation and judgment are intricately linked. Those who are saved and those who are not saved are decided precisely because there is judgment – God judges what is right and wrong. Usual judgment and the Last Judgment are not the same thing. God judges us always in our everyday lives – this is His usual judgment, but in His Great Judgment, the whole of humanity will be judged. God renders His final verdict in the Great Judgment and He divides who and what is right and wrong. In your everyday lives too, while you have yet to be judged by God, you must repent – this is how you receive salvation. What is most troublesome is when humans judge other humans, because this violates God’s dominion. We humans cannot say what is right and wrong easily. If you judge others, you yourself will be condemned. I say, before judging others, judge yourself. To judge others and not reflect on one’s own conduct are both completely wrong. Another thing: we often use the word “save,” but, to tell you the truth, humans cannot save other humans. Humans are merely used as instruments through which God saves. You have to be truly grateful for simply being used as instruments. You have to be more modest and humble.

Light of God’s Wisdom, “On construction and destruction,” October 18, 1948

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