Kyoshu-sama’s Message 

Ceremony for Approval of Regional Directors, Area Heads,
and Headquarters Directors and Managers

 Atami Sacred Grounds, Japan
October 1, 2019

Just now, for the new organizational structure of the church to officially initiate, I, with the permission of Meishu-sama, humbly approved the newly elected regional directors, area heads, regional administrators, and headquarters directors and managers.

Yesterday, I approved the newly elected executive directors and directors of the board, and then I gave my authorization to the newly appointed president and vice-presidents.

To all of you whom I gave my approval to yesterday and today as well as everyone who is gathered here today: I sincerely thank you for your courageous decision to walk this path of faith, being one heart with me and seeking the true will of God in sending Meishu-sama to the earth.

It is through your sincere hearts and efforts that this new organizational structure of truly historic significance was able to be put into place. I am deeply moved.

At the same time, I believe that the reason why the new organizational structure was able to materialize here on earth as something visible is because God, who is with Meishu-sama, had prepared, beforehand, within us the place where He can relate His will, or should I say, He prepared “God’s new organizational structure” within us. In other words, God, for us, had prepared a new heart within us.

Our hearts are the place to receive the will of God and also to respond to it. Our hearts  are a precious “receptacle” through which God communicates with us.

To serve in the ever new work of creation and salvation of the Lord God, our hearts, our receptacles, have to be new always.

In one of his hymns, Meishu-sama writes as follows:

“Ah, a new earth! / It has to be built on new ground!”

In order to accomplish the new work of creation, the Lord God needs a new foundation that can be His receptacle – He needs a new heart.

To this end, God forgave our old hearts – our ignorant and stubborn hearts – welcomed them into His heaven and renewed them.

God has already taken out our old hearts from within us, and, now, there is a new heart in its place.

This new heart is nothing other than “God’s new organizational structure,” a receptacle, that God established within us.

It is only because God established His new organizational structure, a new heart, within us that the visible new organizational structure was able to form this time.

God needs this new organizational structure! Meishu-sama needs it!


Because we were chosen by God to know, through Meishu-sama, the name of Messiah and the truth embedded in it.

Because it was us who, prior to everybody else, came to know the name of Messiah so that the Lord God can bring true salvation to all humanity and accomplish His will of creation.

God prepared the new organizational structure because He wished to use us now, by all means, at this very moment.

Without His will, this new organizational structure would not have come into existence.

As you all know, in the early part of his “Inaugural Statement,” which was announced at the time of the founding of Sekai Meshiya Kyo or World Church of Messiah on the day of Risshun (beginning of spring) in the year 1950, Meishu-sama said that Japan Kannon Church and Japan Miroku Church were going to dissolve voluntarily, “leave what they have built up until today, and, under a new direction and objective, they will be united as one,” so that World Church of Messiah could be founded. He also stated that “This has a very serious significance, and, needless to say, it is the materialization of God’s profound will and not that of human intent,” emphasizing that its founding was the result of “God’s profound will.”

It is my belief that the will of God in founding World Church of Messiah in the year 1950 and in inaugurating the current new organizational structure are one.

There is only one will of God – to bear His own children, or should I say, for all things to revive so that all humanity can be born anew as God’s children – Messiahs.

Although we did not deserve such honor, we were made to know the name of Messiah – the only name that can bring salvation – so that God can accomplish His only will. Now is the chance of a lifetime when God is allowing us to serve in His will through this holy name.

How honorable this is!

Whether we take this chance or not is up to each one of us – it is up to each one of us to decide.

We have lived our life not knowing who the true God is and what His true wish is. We did not know the true meaning of the word, Messiah.

Having mercy on this helpless state of ours, God stretched out His saving hand to us through Meishu-sama.

Everyone! Through Meishu-sama, we have come to know the Lord God, who is one and only and lives within us and within everything. Through Meishu-sama, we have come to know the name of Messiah. In the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, let us offer our most sincere gratitude to God, for He has allowed us to know these truths and to serve Him.

Thank you very much.

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