Kyoshu-sama’s Message

Ceremony for Approval of Executive Directors and Directors of the Board & Ceremony for Presentation of Authorization of President

Atami Sacred Grounds, Japan
September 30, 2019

Just now, for the new organizational structure of the church to officially initiate, I humbly approved the newly elected executive directors and directors of the board. I then granted the Certificate of Authorization to the newly elected president and my authorization to the newly elected vice-presidents.

In attending today’s ceremony, a thought came into my mind.

In these ceremonies, you ask for official approval and authorization from me, and I, with the permission of Meishu-sama, give you my response. I believe this is because each one of you is united as one to me who serves the seat of Kyoshu – the central existence in our church – and because we, as one, are united to God through Meishu-sama.

The Lord God, who is at the center of each one of us, unites each one of us with Him through the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama.

In order for Him to accomplish the divine will of creation, that is, to bear His very own children, God entrusted us with a mission in heaven and sent us to the earth.

From the very beginning, in heaven where God dwells, we were serving the Lord God together with Meishu-sama, and we still, now, need to serve Him.

I trust all of you who are gathered here today. I also trust that each of you is more than ready to take on the responsibility and fulfill your duties – your mission – for the posts you have been appointed to this time.

But what we must not forget is that at the root of an earthly mission, there is a heavenly mission – a mission we have been appointed to by God.

I believe the reason why we need to go through the process of “approval” and “authorization” is precisely because we have to be aware of this divine mission.

We are sent to the earth to fulfill our mission of serving in the divine will of being born anew as children of God, Messiahs, by returning to heaven, together with all humanity and all their paternal and maternal ancestors, and together with all things in the universe, as ones who are atoned for, forgiven, and saved.

God entrusted this mission not only to us but also to all humanity.

That is why we need to affirm in our hearts that we stand here today representing all humanity. Meishu-sama’s hymn reads as follows:

“I am not even worthy to be numbered among Your servants. / But I plead for Your mercy, God: / Include me in Your work! / No matter how minor and insignificant a role You assign me, / I am happy just to be able to play a part in Your work!”

Let us become one with this heart of Meishu-sama and, with perseverance, continue to serve, not becoming overly proud nor overly humble, in the true divine work of salvation – the work that is one with the name of Messiah and the work guided by Meishu-sama.

Everyone! Let us together thank God, for He, through Meishu-sama, has prepared a new organizational structure in order to accomplish His true salvation, and, as God nurtures us in this new stage and as Meishu-sama leads the way, let us move forward united, with courage and hope.

Thank you very much.

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