Kyoshu-sama’s Message
Grand Autumn Service
RIHGA Royal Hotel, Osaka, Japan
October 14, 2019

Congratulations, everyone, on today’s Grand Autumn Service.

Just like the Paradise on Earth Service last year and the Grand Spring Service this year, this time’s Grand Autumn Service, too, can be held due to the understanding, cooperation and consideration of numerous matters we received from everyone at the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka. Here, I would like to heartily thank all the staff at the hotel. Thank you very much.


Typhoon no. 19 has caused serious damage throughout Japan.

During the service, I prayed, together with all of you and in the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, that restoration and reconstruction work can be carried out smoothly and that all of us, together with those who fell victim to the typhoon, who are suffering damages from it and who have been affected in any way, can be welcomed into heaven as ones who are forgiven and alive.


In order to serve in the new phase of the divine work of salvation for all humanity that Meishu-sama has shown to us, from the 30th of September onward, we, with a new organizational structure of our church, will be moving forward stronger than ever and united as one.

It is in these circumstances that I participate in this Grand Autumn Service, and it was difficult for me not to think of all the various journeys each one of you has taken to get to where you are now.

Wishing to seek, together with me, the true reason why God sent Meishu-sama to the earth, you faced numerous obstacles and hardships.

Even though each one of you was required to make a judgment, you have continued to believe in Meishu-sama firmly, you did not succumb to any kind of uneasiness or anxiety that sprang up in your mind and, in the end, you made your decision with a courageous heart.

At the same time, despite the fact that many members from different church groups came together, you accepted and helped each other and walked hand in hand through today.

Without your sincere hearts and all of your efforts, the new organizational structure would not have been able to make its start. I, therefore, would like to hereby express my deepest gratitude to all of you. Thank you.

This new organizational structure is a structure where people from Su no Hikari Church, Izunome Group and Toho no Hikari Group will all overcome the boundaries of which church they used to belong to, roles they used to play in their churches, age and experience, and will be united as one under Meishu-sama and, together, serve the Lord God.

While the inauguration of the new organizational structure seems like something that has been planned and carried out by humans, I believe it would not have been possible without the sacred heart and power of God, who is with Meishu-sama.


God removed the barriers we created on our own that separated ourselves from others and prepared, for us, a new organizational structure where we can be united as one.

Why? Because God wishes to become one with us.

Everything is part of the one body of the Lord God, who is one and only.

Heaven, the world to carry out God’s creation, and the earth, the created world, as well as everything in them, are all expressions of God’s body – God governs them all.

If that is the case, are not, in fact, both heaven and earth God’s holy places? Are not both heaven and earth parts of God’s heaven?

I want you to know that God is saying to us, “I am never apart from you.”

Yet we humans made everything that belongs to God our own and used it as if it was ours.

God’s eternal life, His consciousness, His soul, His breath, all things in the universe and even the earth itself – they are God’s, but we made them as if they were ours.

It is by our own hands that we created a barrier between God and ourselves and between heaven and earth.

In doing so, we have built up a barrier among ourselves, too.

It was this sin of ours – we who were haughty and conceited – that God atoned for and forgave with His unfailing love.

God did this because He wants to make all of us His children – Messiahs.

In fact, God decided this well before starting His work of creation. At that time, we made a promise to God that we would become His children!

That is why God, through the name of Messiah, atoned for our sins, forgave them and welcomed them into His heaven. That is why God removed the barrier we built up between Him and among ourselves.

Not only that, the Lord God has remade our hearts – the place where we receive the will of God – into new ones and firmly established the central axis, the Messiah, in them so that we could communicate with God.

I would like you to know that for the Lord God to accomplish His will of creation, He is saying that He needs our hearts, truly, because that is where He advances His divine work.

In God’s work of creation, our hearts play a role of the very end.

It is precisely because our hearts serve the role of the very end of God’s creation that God is able to save all humankind without leaving anybody and anything behind. God is reviving all things in the universe and saving all humanity and all their paternal and maternal ancestors through using our hearts.

Accepting this will of God, we need to acknowledge that, within us, the central axis called the Messiah exists and say to God: “Please, O God, use my heart and thought!” At the same time, it is important that we, within us, say to ourselves: “As someone who is atoned for, forgiven and saved, together with everyone and everything, I return to heaven.” This is how all can receive salvation.

Please remember: Our hearts and thoughts exist in order to serve in this divine work of salvation.

The work of forgiving through the atonement of blood, the work of saving, reviving and making everyone, without exception, be born anew is, I believe, the work of the church.


In the new organizational structure, all religious units will be called “church.”

God has allowed us to use this term, church.

No matter how large or small the facilities are and no matter how many members there are – even if there are just a few – God will use us as a church.

And let me say this: A church does not refer to a building only; each one of us is also a church!

Let me say this, too: No matter how many churches there are, there is only one true church – the church of the name of Messiah, where there is Meishu-sama.

We, together with Meishu-sama, are united to this church that bears the name of Messiah – the church of the hands and feet of God and the church with the only name of God that can bring salvation.

The Lord God is allowing us to serve in the church of His very own hands and feet and allowing us to offer our hearts and thoughts to it, too.

As we try to implement the new organizational structure in actuality, I am certain that many feelings, be they positive or negative, will come to the surface.

How fortunate we are that we are able to surrender them, without exception, to God! We can surrender them as something that is connected to God’s church and through the name of Messiah!

This is only possible because we, through Meishu-sama, are made to know that, within us and within everyone and everything, the name of Messiah is inscribed – the only name to bring salvation.

How wonderful yet fearful this is!

Meishu-sama composed the following hymn:

“I tell you my followers, / Do not underestimate and bear in mind – / The holy name of the Great Messiah is the name / That brings salvation at the end times.”

As ones who, through Meishu-sama, have come to know the truly holy name of Messiah, we must awaken to the fact that we are the pioneers in serving the will of God embedded in this holy name.

Now, we have been presented with the chance of a lifetime to serve in the church of God’s hands and feet and of the Messiah!

Whether we take this chance or not is up to each one of us – it is up to each one of us to decide.

Through His grace, the Lord God has allowed us to serve in His work of creation – the work of renewing everyone and everything. In the name of Messiah, which is one with Meishu-sama, let us all offer our most sincere gratitude to Him.

Thank you very much.


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