Hymns of Meishu-sama


Each one of you,

Return to your sincere, true heart

And let the light of God illuminate your soul!




When all people open up the doors of their hearts,

The darkness of this world will vanish.




I am not even worthy to be numbered among Your servants.

But I pray to You, O God:

“Call me and use me as You wish!”


Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
“Something more than a religion or a science”

Usually, if an issue cannot be solved by science, people seek religion for an answer. Nevertheless, there are quite a few things to which religion cannot provide a solution, so people once again look to science for an answer. In this way, most people are trapped in a kind of maze. To put it more frankly, even though science and religion are useful to a certain degree, they do not have enough power to solve all the issues – in my view, that is the problem. Among all the issues in the world, the most significant are war, illness, and crime. Everybody knows full well that, for thousands of years, humanity has applied a considerable amount of intellectual power and effort into solving those issues, but to no avail – not even a hint of a solution has been provided. Seeing this state of the world, “X,” which has a power that goes beyond today’s science or religion, has to appear. Otherwise, there is absolutely no chance for all the problems of the world to be solved.

One might think: If “X” does not appear, are we going to continue living in this world with no way out, no matter how hard we try? I tell you that that is not so. Why? Because this “X” has already appeared and is emitting light. Now, do not be surprised by my next statement: This “X,” in fact, is none other than my Church of Messiah, the Light from the East that humanity has been waiting for for many years.

It is the first time in human history that this power of “X,” this power that our church possesses, has appeared on earth, and this, truly, is something more than a science or a religion. Not only that, science and religion are a part of our church, and we utilize them whenever necessary.

In this way, my Church of Messiah and its wonder and greatness can in no way be grasped by the level of intelligence today. If I am allowed to give it another name, I would like to call it the Power of Messiah. From now on, our church is going to exercise this Power of Messiah and advance the work of saving the world and humanity. Everyone, please do pay attention to our activities hereafter.


Glory, no. 197, February 25, 1953
Portion omitted for the service.

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