From October 18th through 20th, Kyoshu-sama visited the Niigata and Saitama areas, accompanied by his wife Mayumi-okusama and his successor Masaaki-sama.

On the 19th in Niigata and on the 20th in Saitama, a membership meeting was held.

There, with love, Kyoshu-sama gave guidance, such as the following:

• The words of the inaugural greeting for the establishment of World Church of Messiah (Sekai Meshiya Kyo) at Risshun (Feb. 4, beginning of spring) of 1950, should not be taken as words from the past but words applying now.

• Meishu-sama is, right now, facing each and every one of us full of the thoughts and emotions with which he founded World Church of Messiah.

• Together with the Meishu-sama who founded World Church of Messiah, it is necessary for us, for even us who fall short, to recognize that God is using us in the divine work of awakening and sharing true salvation with all humanity.

Also, Masaaki-sama boldly spoke about the following:

• To seek the spirit with which this new organization of the church was established and with which World Church of Messiah was founded, at one glance, may feel like they have nothing to do with our daily lives. But actually, that is not so. They are very closely related.

• While I say the “founding of World Church of Messiah,” if said in other words, it means the light of the Messiah appears within our heart, within the hearts of all humanity.

• All the thoughts and feelings that we feel within our day to day living are precisely what has been illuminated by the light of the Messiah.

• Our daily thoughts and feelings may seem trivial, but they are, actually, not just our own matters. God illuminated our hearts and is welcoming all of humanity and all of our ancestors to whom we are all united, into His heaven, and advancing the salvation of humanity.

Still further, Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama personally answered questions from members covering a variety of subjects. At the end, everyone sang “Ieji” (Goin’ Home) with lyrics written by Kyoshu-sama. Afterwards, Kyoshu-sama and his family exchanged handshakes with all the participants, and attended a friendly luncheon, personally interacting with the members.

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