From October 28 through November 6, Kyoshu-sama made missionary visits to Portugal and Germany, accompanied by his wife Mayumi-okusama and his successor Masaaki-sama.

On October 29, Kyoshu-sama arrived in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, and on the 31st, he attended a meeting at the Sheraton Lisboa Hotel & Spa where he met with the president of Portugal’s World Church of Messiah, Rev. Fernando, as well as its ministers, center heads and Ikebana instructors, along with overseas missionaries.

On the 1st, Kyoshu-sama was present for the Grand Ancestor Service & International Membership Conference – Portugal.

At the service, approximately 290 members from various regions in Portugal as well as members from other countries gathered, totaling 17 countries, seeking Kyoshu-sama’s guidance.

After a greeting by Masaaki-sama spoken in Portuguese, Kyoshu-sama delivered a message also spoken in Portuguese. Great applause and shouts of joy came from the venue, marking a service filled with energy and enthusiasm.

The next day on the 2nd, Kyoshu-sama and his family made their way to Frankfurt, Germany.

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