On November 2, Kyoshu-sama arrived in Frankfurt, Germany where Rev. Thome, head of the Germany Church, welcomed them. The next day on the 3rd, Kyoshu-sama was present for the Grand Ancestor Service & International Membership Conference – Germany. Continuing on from last year’s missionary visit from Masaaki-sama, this time they had permission to receive a visit from Kyoshu-sama, with approximately 250 people attending from 17 countries.

At the conference, Kyoshu-sama and Masaaki-sama gave their messages in Portuguese. Deep emotion was permitted for the members who gathered from the various countries, too, for the guidance that went beyond language barriers.

The first missionary visit to Europe by Kyoshu-sama was one in which members all over the world experienced the joy of serving in this entirely new phase of salvation, under the guidance of Kyoshu-sama.

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