Hymns of Meishu-sama

O the time has come! –
The time when the Lord, the Messiah,
Who defeated the world will enter the city of God proudly and splendidly!


Know this, everyone.
What I am trying to convey is this:
The gospel of heaven that Jesus Christ proclaimed!


I say this to you, O people:
Believe in me!
If you believe in me,
I will abundantly bless you with infinite happiness.



Sacred Word of Meishu-sama

“Materialization of the prophecy of the kingdom of heaven”

Reading through the Bible today, I found three points of utmost importance. They are the Last Judgment, the kingdom of heaven is at hand and the second coming of Jesus Christ. In considering these, the Last Judgment is performed by God and the second coming of Christ will be fulfilled when the right time comes, so the two need no explanation. But with regard to the prophecy of the kingdom of heaven, this, and this prophecy alone, has to be fulfilled by humans – heaven has to be constructed by human effort. It is natural, then, that someday, someone would have to become the architect and bring it to fruition.

If this indeed is true, we believe that this “someday” is today and that this “someone” is our church. In fact, our task has already begun. Look, we are currently constructing a prototype of heaven, as we have repeatedly announced in our organizational publication.

Thus, it is because of our work of constructing an earthly heaven that the prophecy of Jesus Christ proves to be true. This being so, I have no intention to boast about it, because both the biblical prophecy and us bringing it to fruition are the manifestation of the will of God known to us as Jehovah or Yahweh. Out of His love toward humanity and in order to construct an ideal world, God chooses and uses whoever He wishes and however He desires.

In this way, what we are currently doing has already been prophesied two thousand years ago by Jesus Christ; our task is to actually put Jesus’s prophecy into practice, and I believe God has entrusted our church with this mission.


Heaven on Earth, no. 14, March 20, 1950

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