Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service

Twin Messe Shizuoka, Japan
December 23, 2019


Congratulations, everyone, on today’s Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service.

In deep awe and fear of God, I say that the will of the Lord God – the Lord of creation and the one and only God – is to unite us, all humanity, to the name of Messiah, the only name that can bring salvation, then welcome us as His own children and live with us.

Receiving this divine will, Meishu-sama was born anew as the child of the Lord God, as the Messiah.

I am truly joyful that I can celebrate today together with all of you – the day when Meishu-sama was born on this earth in order to be born anew as the Messiah and attain eternal life.

At the same time, I would like to offer my most profound gratitude to God who sent Meishu-sama to the earth as the model for all humanity and thus extended His true saving hand to each one of us.

Now, on this auspicious day of Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service, I have an announcement to make to all of you.

Yesterday, on the 22nd of December, I received a request for my approval from President Narii – a request that, in accordance with the will of the board of executive directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Church and in order to respond to the heart of Meishu-sama who wishes to lead all humanity to true salvation, Su no Hikari Church, while maintaining the status of the juridical person “Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan (Su no Hikari Church),” wishes to no longer use the name “Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan” but to use the name Sekai Meshia Kyo (World Church of Messiah), for carrying out their religious activities starting from the 4th of February next year, as in this coming Risshun (Beginning of Spring).

After I received this request, I reported it to Meishu-sama and asked for his approval first, and, upon receiving his approval – his permission – I humbly granted my approval to President Narii.

As it happens, the 4th of February next year, Risshun of next year, marks the 70th anniversary since Meishu-sama made his announcement on the founding of Sekai Meshiya Kyo, World Church of Messiah.

I am sincerely delighted that, from this monumental Risshun, I, together with all of you, will be able to make a genuine start at long last to truly respond to the will of Meishu-sama.

God forgave us who dishonored Him, the Father of our souls, opened up our stubborn hearts and firmly constructed, within us, the church that bears the name of Messiah, the only name that can bring salvation.

And now, God is using us as ones who are united to the only true church of God, the church of the hands and feet of God – the church of the Messiah. God is now using each one of our hearts and thoughts in order to fulfill His true salvation.

Together with all of you, I would like to express my gratitude to God and Meishu-sama for watching over, nurturing and guiding us until today and for allowing us to carry out our activities, from the coming Risshun, under the name of Sekai Meshia Kyo, World Church of Messiah.

137 years ago, in the year 1882, Meishu-sama was born on this earth, carrying a physical body just like ours and spending his life and days full of trials and agony, just like us.

In the midst of it, Meishu-sama found God. He came to realize that God was alive and at work within him. Meishu-sama trusted Him with all his heart and awoke to the fact that God was the One whom he needed to serve.

He then received a divine revelation of the Transition from Night to Day in the spiritual world. Through it, Meishu-sama came to a firm conviction that there was an amazing grace which had a power to forgive our sin of dishonoring God, and, with an aim to share this grace of God with as many people as possible, he founded a religion.

Initially, Meishu-sama felt a strong affinity with Kannon Bodhisattva, and so, in 1935, he inaugurated Great Japan Kannon Association.

After enduring much religious oppression and undergoing numerous changes, on the 4th of February, 1950, on the day of Risshun, Meishu-sama established Sekai Meshiya Kyo.

At that time, in his “Inaugural Statement: On the Founding and Birth of World Church of Messiah,” Meishu-sama wrote:

“This has a very serious significance, and, needless to say, it is the materialization of God’s profound will and not that of human intent. …The construction of the culture of day will begin. What does this major and unprecedented turning point in time indicate? It is nothing other than the program of God that has been determined well before thousands of, no, tens of thousands of years ago. …Out of His grace, God wishes to save as many people as possible from the ones who are destined to die out. To this end, God will choose someone who will act on His behalf, and, through that person, God will carry out His great work of salvation. World Church of Messiah will be used by God in order to fulfill His mission, so the mission of our church is truly grave, to say the least. …Up until now, salvation was done through Kannon Bodhisattva, and its influence was confined to the East. But as time is pressing, there is no other choice but to make rapid progress in order to save all humanity. Salvation has to be global and needs to reach the whole world, hence the name of World Church of Messiah.”

And in closing his inaugural statement, Meishu-sama wrote, “The saving power has to be decisive, and this power is the Great Divine Power of God that the Messiah exercises. Ah, the time for celebration has finally arrived!”

Through this inaugural statement, besides sensing his joy of being able to found World Church of Messiah, I cannot but feel Meishu-sama’s unwavering resolution to bring, whatever it takes, salvation to all humanity by the power embedded in the name of Messiah.

I believe that this heart of Meishu-sama is one with the heart of God who holds the authority to grant grace.

The name of Messiah is the most important name through which God accomplishes the salvation of all humanity with His authority, with His grace. That is why Meishu-sama believed in the salvation through this sacred name – the only name that can bring salvation – and treasured it at any cost.

Now then, I just said “salvation of all humanity,” but what exactly is this salvation?

While advancing his divine work through the name of Sekai Meshiya Kyo, in 1954, less than a year before he passed away and in the middle of suffering from a serious illness, a brain hemorrhage, Meishu-sama announced that he was born anew, adding that it was different from reincarnation and that “the Messiah was born.”

For us, salvation is this: to know that the true Father of our life is the Lord God and to be able to call Him “God.” This is what salvation is for us.

But I tell you, God has prepared something much more than this. We can be born anew as children of God! God is saying that He wants to live with us!

Is there any greater salvation than this?

Now, let me tell you: Meishu-sama did not ascend to heaven after he passed away; he was not born anew as the Messiah after his time on earth ended.

While still on this earth and possessing a visible, living, physical body, Meishu-sama ascended to heaven, was born anew and attained eternal life.

But still, the crucial question remains. Did God send Meishu-sama to earth so that only he can be born anew as the Messiah? Definitely not!

God sent Meishu-sama to the earth as the model for all humanity, for us to be able to follow his example.

When I say that Meishu-sama is our model, I do not mean to regard him as our model thinking that he exists somewhere far away from us or that he is someone from the past.

To have Meishu-sama as our model means to accept that he who was born anew exists within us and that we are nurtured and raised by God to be able to follow in his footsteps.

Until today, the image of Meishu-sama we have been holding in reverence and placing next to the divine scroll was called goson-ei(revered image of Meishu-sama). And, as most of you already know, from now onwards, we are going to call it goshin-eior “the divine image of Meishu-sama.”

We should not bow to the image of Meishu-sama to deify him. We should not put it up to make him an object of idol worship.

The master of Meishu-sama is the Lord God; our master is the same Being.

We are going to use the name “the divine image of Meishu-sama” only because, in Meishu-sama, the brilliance of the soul of the Messiah, of the child of God, exists, and this soul of the Messiah is the soul of God. There is the soul of God within Meishu-sama.

The Lord of creation is, that is, God is, the one and only God. If God is one and unique, it means that He is the God of the invisible and visible worlds.

In spirit and in flesh, God lives within us. He is in control of and governs absolutely the whole of ourselves.

God who is in Meishu-sama is also in us, for the Lord God is one and only.

To bow to the image of Meishu-sama means to bow to the Lord God who is in Meishu-sama and, at the same time, to bow to the Lord God who is in us.

Only when we can come to this recognition does God allow us to call the image of Meishu-sama “the divine image of Meishu-sama” and bow to it.

The eternal life of the Lord God exists in Meishu-sama. It is in us, too!

Until today, we have lived our lives trapped in the notion of a “human lifetime.”

Until today, when we said “life,” it only meant the life of a physical body.
Until today, we thought that someone breathed his or her last when the visible breath terminated.

Meishu-sama was born anew and became one who lives eternally. Through this, hasn’t he saved us from this thing called “death”?

Out of his compassion, Meishu-sama is now asking each one of us whether we want to live a life that perishes or a life that lasts eternally. He is asking us whether we want to live a life of flesh or that of spirit.

Everyone! Let us respond to Meishu-sama and say to him, “I will become one who lives eternal life.”

To close, I would like to offer my most sincere gratitude to God and Meishu-sama for allowing us to use the name of Sekai Meshia Kyo, World Church of Messiah, after 70 years since its founding, and also, to pray that the coming new year will be filled with hope and peace for all of you and will be a year in which we can move forward with strength and courage.

Thank you very much.

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