Hymns of Meishu-sama


This year,

The way the program of God, which is so deep and mysterious, unfolds

Will be truly severe and noticeable.

So I tell you, everyone:

Be prepared.


The curtain of darkness that covered the world for a long time

Has finally opened wide, quietly yet grand in manner.


Open your eyes and wake up!


The world came to a standstill

With no way forward or back.


What would become of the future of humanity

If Meshiya Kyo (Church of Messiah) does not appear!


Sacred Word of Meishu-sama
 “Construction of the world of great divine light: the truth of Miroku

Without having to ask, when the time comes, the sun rises quietly in the eastern sky. This is the material sun – that is why every person can see it rise. However, the spiritual sun, as sad as it is, cannot be seen by human eyes. Yet, the force of time will no doubt make all the people of the world know that, just as the material sun rises high up into the heavens no matter who denies or blocks it, the light of the spiritual sun strengthens its brilliance day by day. How wonderful it is! The night that lasted thousands of years will finally see the dawn!

What Is the Kannon Movement That Creates a World Where There Is Absolutely
No Sickness, Poverty nor Conflict?, September 15, 1935
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