New Year Message

January 1, 2020


Happy New Year to all of you.

In deep awe and fear of You, Lord God, I say that You are the Lord of all creation and the only one God. With Your unlimited love and grace, that is, with Your authority, You are uniting all humanity to the name of Messiah – the only name that can bring salvation – and are accomplishing, within each one of us, the work of creation – the work of making all humanity Your own children.

Receiving from You, God, eternal nurture and care, being made by You as ones who were forgiven and are alive and allowed by You to follow in the footsteps of Meishu-sama who was born anew as the Messiah, we, today, are able to start a new year.

Everyone, at the beginning of this glorious year full of hope, let us all offer our most sincere greeting to Meishu-sama who is one with God and say to him: “Happy New Year, Meishu-sama.”

Happy New Year, Meishu-sama!


As I said in last year’s Meishu-sama’s Birthday Service, I received a request in December for my approval from President Narii – a request that, in accordance with the will of the board of executive directors of Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Church, and in order to respond to the heart of Meishu-sama who wishes to lead all humanity to true salvation, Su no Hikari Church, while maintaining the status of the juridical person “Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan (Su no Hikari Church),” wishes to no longer use the name “Sekai Kyusei Kyo Su no Hikari Kyodan” but to use the name Sekai Meshia Kyo (World Church of Messiah), for carrying out their religious activities starting from the 4th of February this year, as in this coming Risshun (Beginning of Spring).

After I received this request, I reported it to Meishu-sama and asked for his approval first, and, upon receiving his approval – his permission – I humbly granted my approval to President Narii.

As it happens, the 4th of February this year, Risshun of this year, marks the 70th anniversary since Meishu-sama made his announcement on the founding of Sekai Meshiya Kyo, World Church of Messiah.

I am sincerely delighted that, from this monumental Risshun, I, together with all of you, will be able to make a genuine start at long last to truly respond to the will of Meishu-sama.

God forgave us who dishonored Him, the Father of our souls, opened up our stubborn hearts and firmly constructed, within us, the church that bears the name of Messiah, the only name that can bring salvation.

And now, God is using us as ones who are united to the only true church of God, the church of the hands and feet of God – the church of the Messiah. God is now using each one of our hearts and thoughts in order to fulfill His true salvation.

Together with all of you, I would like to express my gratitude to God and Meishu-sama for watching over, nurturing and guiding us until today and for allowing us to carry out our activities, from the coming Risshun, under the name of Sekai Meshia Kyo, World Church of Messiah.

To the religious group he founded, Meishu-sama gave the name Sekai Meshiya Kyo or World Church of Messiah, using the word “world.”

In his “Inaugural Statement” when founding World Church of Messiah, he stated, “as time is pressing, there is no other choice but to make rapid progress in order to save all humanity. Salvation has to be global and needs to reach the whole world, hence the name of World Church of Messiah.”

Initially, I thought that the meaning of the word “world” in the name World Church of Messiah referred only to this material world, this earth, with all its countries and people.

But later I rethought this and realized that Meishu-sama did not use the word “world” for the name of his church to refer only to this material world.

In his hymn, Meishu-sama wrote,

“The Messiah has appeared! / The joyful voices of all souls resound in the world! / Their voices may not be heard by human ears, / But they echo in all three realms of / The divine, spiritual and material!”

He also wrote,

“When I release the power of Messiah that I am hiding, / The Great Thousand Worlds will tremble!”

God’s work of salvation is not carried out only in the created world, that is, this visible, observable world which we call the earth.

As Meishu-sama wrote, “three realms of the divine, spiritual and material,” “Great Thousand Worlds” or, sometimes, “Three Thousand Worlds,” God’s work of salvation is also carried out in the world where the work of creation takes place, that is, the invisible, spiritual world.

Not only that, God’s salvation is also the salvation of the past, present and future.

I believe Meishu-sama used the word “world” in naming World Church of Messiah with the intention of referring to the world that encompasses absolutely all worlds, both invisible and visible.

As our souls were endowed with the name of Messiah equally, I am convinced that God is now uniting the world that encompasses all worlds including the invisible world and the visible world and past, present and future to the name of Messiah, accomplishing his boundless salvation within us.

The third hymn of Meishu-sama for today’s service was:

“The world came to a standstill / With no way forward or back. / Alas! / What would become of the future of humanity / if Meshiya Kyo (Church of Messiah) does not appear!”

For the future, for the future of our children and humanity, God needs our Sekai Meshia Kyo, World Church of Messiah!

Everyone! Let us offer our deepest gratitude to God, for He wishes to use us, more than before, to welcome everything, without exception including everything in the past, present and future, to the church bearing the name of Messiah, to Sekai Meshia Kyo or World Church of Messiah, so as to carry out His work of salvation – the work of remaking all things new.

Thank you very much.

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