February 4, 2020 – the 70th year anniversary of the inauguration of World Church of Messiah by our founder Meishu-sama. While the Risshun (Beginning of Spring) Service takes place every year on this date, never before in the history of our church have we had a celebratory service like this marking the resurrection of the word “Messiah” in the name of our church, our identity.

At the venue RIHGA Royal Hotel in Osaka, combining the morning and afternoon services, approximately 5,200 members from all over the country gathered regardless of being a weekday.

Before the start of both the morning and afternoon services, long lines of attendees formed and many who could not fit into the main venue prayed from the overflow rooms.

With the attendees of the service deeply feeling the joy of being present where World Church of Messiah is resurrected and the sense of anticipation of making a genuine start in Meishu-sama’s true salvation that marked the day, the venue was overflowing with waves of excitement.

At the start of the service, Kyoshu-sama entered onto the altar stage. He solemnly offered the opening prayer to God, and, under his lead, everyone prayed the Amatsu Norito and Zengen Sanji. After the assistant officiant led the offering of Meishu-sama’s hymns and the teaching “Words of Meishu-sama regarding the passing of Reverend Nakajima” was heard, everyone received Johrei from Kyoshu-sama.

Following a greeting from President Narii, the video “To Become Children of God: World Church of Messiah – After 70 Years” was shown followed by a presentation of World Church of Messiah’s image video (Facebook cover page).

Next, Kyoshu-sama’s successor Masaaki-sama gave a greeting. Next, Kyoshu-sama delivered his message. Enveloped in a heavy thunder of applause, Kyoshu-sama left the stage. Afterwards, everyone sang “Ie-ji” (Goin’ Home) with lyrics written by Kyoshu-sama. After the song finished, generous applause reverberated through the hall and in the lingering joy, the service came to a close.

On this day, becoming one of a fitting celebratory service for the name Church of Messiah, with hope and passion, attendees left the venue with the deep feeling that they can go forward as members of World Church of Messiah.

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