It has been 65 years since the ascension of our founder Meishu-sama. At the headquarters of World Church of Messiah and at Hekiun-so, the residence of our founder and succeeding spiritual leaders, Meishu-sama’s Ascension Day Service took place.

After the service at the headquarters, President Nakadomari, President Narii, members of the board of executive directors, regional directors, members of the board of directors, area heads, senior staff of headquarters, and overseas ministers including President Nagae of World Church of Messiah Brazil and Acting President Santos of World Church of Messiah USA, a total of 85 people, visited Hekiun-so.

 After taking part in a commemorative photograph with Kyoshu-sama, his wife Mayumi-okusama and his successor Masaaki-sama, everyone prayed in front of the altar of Hekiun-so under the lead of Kyoshu-sama.

 Kyoshu-sama explained the meaning of everyone gathering at Hekiun-so, where Meishu-sama had lived. He said we are being taught by Meishu-sama that, in reality, his true home, his true residence, exists in the heaven of God. And there, exists our true home. Even now, we live together with Meishu-sama.

 All the attendees brought their thoughts to the spirit with which Meishu-sama said “to be born anew” on June 5, 1954. They once again realized the fact that they carry the mission to convey the gospel of returning to heaven, their true home, and there, “be born anew as a child of God” together with Meishu-sama, who is vividly alive even now.

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