“Faith is justice”

To start with, let me ask: What is religion? Does it exist to expound religious theories and philosophies in complicated words? Of course not. In a nutshell, it exists to create righteous people and nothing more. This sounds simple enough when we put it into words, but this seemingly simple matter is very difficult to put into practice. There is a phrase in the Analects of Confucius that says, “Easier said than done.” If this is indeed true, I would like to explain to you why it is difficult.

Today, most people seem to believe the following: No matter who you are, to become famous, earn money or be successful, you cannot achieve it by doing only good things; you have to make some compromises and accept to do some bad in your life. What is more, for things that are fun and entertaining, people seem to think that the bad is more exciting than the good. Since people have held on to this kind of thinking for the last hundreds and thousands of years, it has become a norm – a rule of life. For the betterment of this situation, humanity has put in so much effort in preparing things like law and moral education, but their effectiveness has been minimal, and, thus, it goes without saying that we need religion to overcome this problem. Having said that, even if you say “religion,” what matters is its power – whether it is strong or weak. If a religion lacks power, it cannot defeat evil; that is why its believers cannot overcome the temptation of evil. In fact, regardless of which religion one belongs to, there are very few believers who can truly stand firm and stick to the righteous path, to justice.

My conclusion, then, is this: A religion that has the power to defeat evil must appear. This is the only way that a better society and a peaceful world filled with happiness can emerge. “Faith is justice” that we advocate means this.


Messiah, no. 65, June 3, 1950

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